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Toyota Corona car | Toyota Corona car review

Toyota Corona
Toyota Corona 

Toyota Corona, when we hear a corona name definitely what comes to mind the general public is a scourge or a very dangerous virus.

Even the name is now a very hated enemy by the whole world but when it comes to the automotive world the corona’s name will remind us of a classic sedan that was once successful in the 70s era to the end 90-an Toyota Corona was the first Indonesian body in the early 70s to target the sedan market in the country.

Toyota Corona car just disappear because of coronavirus

Unfortunately, after that, the coronavirus was officially injected and replaced by the Toyota Ca Launching the official Toyota Astra website, although sales have long been stopped. The name is Toyota Corona as if it can't just disappear, this car is already legendary enough as a luxury sedan, in my opinion.

The first-generation Toyota Corolla

The first-generation Toyota Corolla came out in 1970 to 1973 in the early 70s Toyota officially presents the period for the Indonesian market which is the fourth generation globally.

Toyota Corolla equipped engine

The car was presented by Toyota to target the sedan segment above the Toyota Corolla equipped with 1500-1600 engine C at that time was quite targeted by the upper-middle class in shape and dimensions, the corona has dimensions that are larger than the Corolla.

The unique thing about this car is the location of the tank or tank hole the petrol that's behind the rear license plate, enter the second generation in 73 and 79 Corona's existence in Indonesia continues in three Billy hats, namely: 1600cc 1800cc and 2000cc.

Toyota Corona car Honda Accord

The presence of this car at that time was intended to fight the Honda Accord very, very dangerous competitor.

In terms of the appearance of the fifth-generation corona still has similarities with the fourth-generation corona, namely the boxy body shape and sugary lights.

It's just that the headlight cover in this generation is already in the form of a box.

The third generation to continue the work of corona in Indonesia in 79. Toyota re-launched the Corona sedan gliding as sixth-generation globally Carrying a larger engine, namely their 2005 Sorry 2000cc only in years 1981.

Toyota made changes to the corona by providing a smaller engine capacity, namely 1800cc. For the most obvious display material, it is located in the headlights.

This sixth-generation Toyota Corona car

when in the previous generation it came with a round lamp shape This sixth-generation Toyota globally comes in city lights Continue to the fourth generation entering the year 82 Toyota shows corona seventh-generation globally armed with 1600cc mesin engine.

This car is present as the last Corona that carries rear-wheel drive for only.

The seventh purwodasi has a very creative shape that is different from the previous generation which has a lamp display with the hat model in this generation.

Corona already uses the One Piece model lamp continued into the fifth generation 92-97 Toyota Corona returned to enliven the Indonesian sedan market in 92 after several years of hiatus from the 90s.

At that time, Toyota officially introduced the ninth generation corona globally, better known as Corona Toyota Absolute available in two engine options, namely: 1600cc and 2000cc.

most luxurious sedans

Corona Toyota is also known as one of the most luxurious sedans no wonder this car is widely chosen as an official vehicle Indonesian National Army and Navy.

In terms of appearance, the corona er has a more modern trend and the shape is also no longer boxed some modern features have also started to be contaminated by this generation's corona such as tell headrest AC 6 button model CD Changer and Twitter of course.

Conclusion of Toyota Corona car review

Unfortunately, even though it has existed for quite a long time in Indonesia, Toyota Corona's work must be stopped year 98 At that time.

Toyota began to focus on selling the Toyota Camry as a top sedan choice Key is the history of the Toyota Corona, although now the name of the corona is considered a very deadly specter we never forget What is the most luxurious sedan that has ever triumphed in our beloved country, Indonesia?

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