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BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design 2014 | Nissan GT-R MY2013 | Nissan 370Z | New Honda City

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design 2014

Additional Info

  • BMW Z4 2014

    Model Z4

    Engine V6

    Horsepower @RPM 335

    Transmission seven-speed DCT

    Torque @RPM 332

    0-60 Time 4.8 seconds

    Top Speed 146mph

The BMW M3 and M4 Coupe are all attention are understandably today, but BMW is quick to point out that these are not the only two models being showcasing proudly.

A special edition of the BMW Z4 is also getting some love before its debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. The model is called Pure Fusion Edition and although it lacks any noticeable exterior changes, not showing new equipment package Design Pure Fusion of the company, which is all kinds of amazing, if you are the type who enjoy luxury and plenty portions of sportsmanship to go with it.

This, in essence, is what BMW is trying to sell the Z4 Design Pure Fusion. You get your sports car in the blast and add a special interior that has more skin than you expect.

Congratulations to Bimmer to kill two birds with one stone. It’s cars like this that can really attract the interest of a new model of aging, such as the Z4.


Not many changes were made to the exterior of the Z4, other than the use of Sparkling Brown Metallic paint. Originally, not thinking too well of this color in a sports car like the BMW Z4, but we have since learned to appreciate it because there is always a BMW, let alone a Z4, sports such color.

Brown satin metallic Si is not to your liking, then you can get a wide range of colors that have BMW available. You can also opt for the M Sport package if you need an extra shot of sportsmanship.


To inspire the notable lack of improvements to the exterior, the interior of the Pure Design Fusion received a lot of them, including a lot of exclusive materials, elegant embellishments, and expressions of luxury.

A set of high-quality Nappa leather was used by BMW and complemented with specially designed sports seats with an ivory color with brown stitching that serves as a nice contrast to the pearl of the seats. Even the armrests, door panels, and pull handle all passengers are treated with similar color, emphasizing BMW’s mission to treat the interior, as the artwork it is.

Nissan GT-R MY2013

Additional Info

  • Nissan 370Z

    Model GT-R MY2013

    Engine V6

    Horsepower @ RPM 545hp

    Torque 465lb-ft

    0-60 Time 2.7 seconds

    Top Speed 196mph

    Weight 1740kg

For the model year 2013, Nissan big hitter is still a 3.8 – liter bi-turbo V6 but tuned for more response in the middle and upper rev ranges, the body is slightly stiffer than before, and the suspension has tampered with a better ride and more stability at high speed. The physical changes are delicious small micro-engineering, and include new injectors, helping to song, new oil them a new pressure relief valve for the turbos – revised spring, pan baffles, and damper rates. The dashboard has been strengthened, like the dashboard, and there are even new cam bolts.

Surprisingly, you can actually feel the difference. He is noticeably better – especially at low speed in the city – and seems to be less aggressive in the boost to be applicable, but not less. It still makes mincemeat of any traction situation ( 0 – 62mph is down to 2.7 seconds – a decrease of 0.1 ), and launches like he was hit by a truck. it is better, it’s worth it.

Nissan 370Z

Additional Info

  • Nissan 370Z

    Price $29,990

    Model 370Z

    Engine V-6

    Horsepower @ RPM 332@7000

    Torque @ RPM 3270@5200

    0-60 Time 4.5 seconds

    Top Speed 155mph

The Nissan 370Z was unveiled in 2008 as the replacement for the Nissan 350Z. when it comes with a new 370Z, a more powerful diesel engine, much more aggressive design language and a series of updates made Nissan 370Z one of the most powerful and desirable cars on the market. The Nissan 370Z designers have done a great job in the body kit. It has much attractive look. The new 370Z is powered by a V-6 diesel engine, a 3.7-liter,  The V-6 engine has a total of 332 horsepower at 7000 rpm and 270 proud feet of torque at 5200 pm. It can easily go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. The 370Z top speed is 155 mph.

2014 the Nissan 370Z is priced from $29,990.

New Honda City

The fourth-generation Honda town has finally been revealed today and by the looks of it, the all-new town is more of an evolution of the third-generation model than a transformation.

To be accessible with both petrol and diesel engines, the new City will be driven by advanced versions of the 1.5 i-VTEC gasoline and the 1.5 i-DTEC diesel engines. Yes, the supplement of a new diesel motor is one of the conversing points of this new model. It's the identical engine that forces the lesser Amaze sedan, but for the City, it will be distinctly tuned. Like the current form, both motors will be connected to manual gearboxes with an additional five-speed self-acting for the gasoline variant on the cards.

Honda says the new town is developed keeping three key facets in the brain; advanced sporty design, best solace, and best fuel efficiency. We wouldn’t state the newest model examines radically distinct from the one it restores, but it certainly is spacious on the inside. The cabin, although is a distinct story. The interiors look-alike like that of the new Jazz unveiled internationally and that’s not a bad thing at all. The cabin design is refreshing and the value of materials used gives it a plush seem.

larger and better than before, the new town now has the longest wheelbase in its class and this exactly translates into better central space – legroom, shoulder room and knee room is up by 40mm, 60mm, and 70mm respectively. As for the efficiency part, Honda vehicles are tight-lipped on the engine specs and last fuel efficiency numbers.

The City’s toughest competition has been the Hyundai Verna, which habitually had a top hand when it came to offering characteristics. It appears Honda has learned its lessons and is putting its best base ahead in alignment to win back the Indian clientele. In periods of characteristics, the new City gets a double-DIN audio scheme with LCD brandish, Bluetooth, Aux-in and USB connectivity, cruise control, eight speakers, push-button start, four mobile phone charger plugs, sunroof, and a segment-first in the touch-operated automatic aircon controls form.

The new town will be the first Honda model in India to adopt its new “Exciting H conceive” notion. amazingly, India is furthermore the first homeland where the new town will be manufactured and sold before it comes to the shores of 60 nations. This verifies how important our market is not only for the town but furthermore for the Japanese carmaker.

Prices for the new town are yet to be disclosed but with more interior space, added characteristics, and a diesel engine on offer, don’t expect this Honda to arrive bargain when it strikes showrooms beside you by January 2014.

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