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New jobs in Workers' Compensation Claims Examiner | New jobs in U.S


DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
Latest Govt Jobs in Workers' Compensation Claims Examiner
Posted Date09/24/2021
Pay scale and gradeGS 13
Locations5 vacancies in the following locations: Jacksonville, FL Chicago, IL New Orleans, LA Kansas City, MO New York, NY Cleveland, OH Philadelphia, PA Dallas, TX Houston, TX Norfolk, VA Seattle, WA Long Beach, CA San Francisco, CA Denver, CO Washington, DC
Salary$92,143 to $146,120 per year
Appointment typePermanent
Work scheduleFull-time
Last Date09/24/2021

Duties Summary

 This post is located in the Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC), Office of Workers' Compensation, Branch of Policies, Regulations, and Procedures (BPRP).

Compensation Schemes (OWCP). The Branch is in charge of developing and maintaining rules and regulations for the administration of the Federal Employees' Compensation (FEC) program, as well as responding to technical questions from outside parties and field personnel. 


This post can be filled in any of the following locations: Branch of Policies, Regulations, and Procedures (BPRP), Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC), Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP):

  • $103,690 - $134,798 in Washington, D.C.
  • $106,471 - $138,413 in New York City, NY
  • $102,601 - $133,382 in Boston, MA
  • $130,211 - $100,161 inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • $92,143 - $119,787 in Jacksonville, FL
  • $92,588 - $120,365 in Norfolk, VA
  • $96,013 - $124,818 in Cleveland, OH
  • $102,188 - $132,845 in Chicago, IL
  • $93,081 - $121,006 in Kansas City, MO
  • $99,319 - $129,116 in Dallas, TX
  • $10 in Denver, Colorado
  • $105,947 - $137,732 in Houston, TX
  • $92,143 - $119,787 in New Orleans, LA
  • $112,400 - $146,120 in San Francisco, CA
  • $136,791 - $105,224 in Long Beach, California 
  • $100,940 - $131,223 in Seattle, WA


*Applicants should only apply to locations where they will be able to report on a regular basis. After you've made your choice(s), the location will be decided. The compensation range for all locations is reflected in the salary posted. Once a candidate has been chosen, the remuneration will be determined by the candidate's location.
New jobs in Workers' Compensation Claims Examiner | New jobs in U.S
New jobs in Workers' Compensation Claims Examiner

This post is part of the collective bargaining unit.

This announcement may lead to additional choices.

PCS (permanent change of station) expenses are not permitted.

  • Develops and recommends new program policies in response to program needs, external changes, administration initiatives, and other factors. Supports suggestions by conducting appropriate study and investigation to ensure that policies are in compliance with the law, regulations, the Solicitor's opinions, and past policy stances, among other things.
  • Drafts regulations for publication in the Code of Federal Regulations when necessary to properly and effectively administer the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) and associated Acts, as well as provides feedback on draught legislation.
  •  Creates new office procedures and workflows for District Office Units, ensuring coordination among units, including Claims Examiners, Medical Officers and Assistants, Fiscal Officers and Clerks, Systems Managers, data entry, and other classes of personnel, as needed, in response to amended legislation, new regulations, security concerns, or new administrative or program initiatives.
  •  Analyzes existing office employees, computer resources, and working practices to propose feasible strategies for District Office workers to achieve program goals based on technical analysis. May create accountability measures, studies, and other procedural effectiveness tests.
  • Examines and acts on claims requiring new or unique interpretations of the FECA or that will be evaluated by the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, as well as reviewing court judgments, Appeals Board actions, and audit reports on a regular basis to stay on top of future program modifications. Some federal employees and/or contractors are injured in situations involving national security and military agencies or initiatives. As a result, the incumbent's tasks and responsibilities need having access to classified documents and information. The position necessitates the highest level of public trust and the holder of a Top Secret clearance.
  •  As ordered, completes specific responsibilities. Meetings with representatives from other Federal agencies, labor groups, and others, for example, to discuss program operations; works out procedural arrangements of mutual importance with representatives from other Federal agencies, labor organizations, and others.
  •  Analyzes individual District Office performance in relation to Program goals and standards; offers input on District Office performance through the quarterly Review and Study process, and makes recommendations for further analysis and action by the District Office where necessary.

Requirements Employment Situations

  • The candidate must obtain the required degree of security/investigation.
  • A background inquiry may be required for this position.
  • You must be at least 16 years old and a citizen of the United States.
  • If the condition is not met, a probationary term is required.
  • To be considered for selection, applicants must meet the time-in-grade, time-after-competitive-appointment, and qualifications requirements within 30 calendar days of the vacancy's closing date.


  • Applicants must have at least 52 weeks of experience at the next lower level in the position's usual career path.
  • In order to serve as a FECA Representative, this experience must include processing Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) claims case workloads; accurately capturing important legal and philosophical distinctions, and communicating orally in order to facilitate, coordinate, and issue final hearing decisions, adjudicate claims, and present information to audiences who may be skeptical and/or hostile.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, you must first fill out an online application and attach the required documents listed in the "Required Documents" section.

To apply, follow the steps below. To be considered, you must submit your application and any relevant supporting documentation by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the vacancy closing date. Without prior clearance from the vacancy contact, paper applications and supporting documentation submitted in any other method will not be accepted. For more information about Reasonable Accommodations, see here.


STEP 1: 
Create a USAJOBS account, including a resume and saved documents, at Your CV should include enough material to back up your answers to the self-assessment vacancy questions. If you don't, HR may change your answers to more properly represent the competency shown on your résumé. Indicate the start/end month and year for each employment period, as well as whether you worked full-time or part-time (if part-time, include the number of hours worked per week); otherwise, your application may be considered incomplete.

Finish the first stage of the application process (USAJOBS) Once you've found a job you want to apply for on USAJOBS, click on the title and then the "Apply" button. Contact the Agency Contact listed at the bottom of the announcement if you have any questions regarding the position. Click "Start Application" and follow the instructions at the top of the USAJOBS page to complete the five stages. You'll be able to choose a resume and papers from your USAJOBS account to submit as part of your DOL application as a package. Step 5: Select "Continue to Agency Site" from the drop-down menu.

STEP 3: 
Finish the second part of the application (DOL) Create a DOL account if you haven't already and click "APPLY TO THIS VACANCY" on the Department of Labor (DOL) page. Continue to the 7 progress milestones at the top of the DOL page, as indicated by the circles. Answer the vacancy-specific questions in the third step of the process. The fourth progress phase, "Documents," is where you submit required documents (only if they apply to you) listed in this vacancy's "Required Documents" section. If you submit two documents with the same title, the second submission will OVERWRITE the first.

Stage 4:
Click “Submit Application” on the “Review and Submit” step. The final "Confirmation" step will turn green, indicating that your application was successfully submitted.

Return to USAJOBS, click the vacancy, then "Update Application" by 11:59 p.m. ET on the Closing Date to make any necessary changes to your application.

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