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REVIEW JAZZ RS GK5 YEAR 2018 | car review



Today's review is a refinement

from the latest version of the Honda Jazz

 gk5. The first caliph came out in

2014 where Honda was fantastic

changing a structure of the Honda Jazz,

who did it yesterday

it's aerodynamic smooth now wrapped

with sharp curves and

very sporty today. 

The front side of Jazz RS GK5


The design of the last version of gk5

very interesting huh So if we see

this change from ge8 is very thick

everything is changed its shape is changed but

the gk5 actually came out twice in

early 2014 i.e. early gk5 version and

this is at the end of 2017 gk5 issued

there are some changes in the facelift version

the facelift version is one of them, namely

lights. So now there are lights

Dra then here there are already chrome accents

then on the left is the RS logo

which is very obvious and combined

with a very large Honda logo. On the

the bumper part is at the bottom

there are carbon accents and in parts

below it there are fins.

I'm like that and on the right and

to his left, there is a fog lamp

very very attractive very very

This Honda Jazz is very sporty

has a Semarang h.lot number plate

with this 2 month tax.

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Honda Jazz side sector pinned

This mirror is no longer in line with the body

The mirror has been replaced with Black

glossy and there is a small slanted sign accent

here to add a fierce effect inside

this Honda Jazz car. In

let the 2009 version of the Honda Jazz RS tires

this facelift uses Tuton wheels

with tire profile 13 555 ring16 and

on the side is this Honda Jazz gk5

already using the keyless or smart key,

so we don't have to be tired

to turn the dial to turn the lock

our starter is just a click, just press

then the car can be started by design

the side is very attractive where

here is also equipped with a button

keyless but still equipped

also with this manual key accent for

cope when suddenly the battery

from this remote runs down.

Honda Jazz has embedded a body kit

so this body kit is already hopefully with

body and this is original from the factory

for RS version so for SRS version.

There is already a body kit but for the version,

this type-x does not have a body kit

with a sharp curve design from Fender

until now the impression is very sporty

looks more Jazz RS in 2019

interesting isn't it then we look

the essence of the left is no different.

So significant between the right side

with the left side of this Honda Jazz

maybe the difference is just a lid

gas tank. So if it's on the right, not

There's a gas cap on the left

then here there is also a keyless button

but not pinned key

the manual lock magnetic is only available in

the right side is between the designs

the right and the left are to

the facilities are almost the same

the difference is only the key

Waldman for a gas tank. 

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back design

the material is very obvious

compared to ge8 where spoilers

now it's getting wider then

the frame also adds soldiers combined too

with chrome accents extending from Pondok

right light to the corner of the Piri lamp. 

Where is this chrome accent really wide?

at the bottom is the RS logo

i-vtec in the middle of this there is a logo

and on the left, there is the Jazz Down logo.


 There are a sensor two pieces

right and left sensors. It is used

for parking sensors below again

because this facelift version is available

adcenter Bond and there ala-ala Fins.

Sharks like that give a sporty impression

more visible combined with color

Blackout on the right reflector and

the left factor so it doesn't exist here

the reflector will be but only a

Breakout color or doff color. For

the design of the lamp itself is elongated

from tip to bottom with color

red combination with white yes like

that's it for the rear design on Honda

Jazz facelift version with window film.

This optical hub comes from Honda.

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 It's great to open Jazz RS GK5


This Bekasi is quite spacious though

not as wide as a sedan but

This luggage is very spacious in color

This interior is full black on the seats.

engine sector
engine sector

try to enter the engine sector new so very well maintained service. The record is also on Honda, too. Only IDR 27,000 and this car is still have free service three times so This service is always at the Honda workshop officially there are no problems, there are no rooms no problem. This facelifted version of the Honda Jazz is for The engine is unchanged from the ge8 version it's still using the l15 engine with torque 139 for the engine of version. Before as then we enter go to the interior here.

the interior

this is full black with this cream cycle the action is really fun, yes it is here gray color with a handle too gray color combined with accents. If the G8 is for the electric mirror.  


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