“Forget new jobs, keep existing jobs, it will be a big deal” interest rate 15%, Kamran Khan sounded the alarm

“Forget new jobs, keep existing jobs, it will be a big deal” Interest rate 15 …

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) Anchor person Kamran Khan opposed raising the interest rate to 15%. In a tweet, Kamran Khan said, “The economic woes were less and the interest rate has gone up to 15 per cent from today. Opening a new business will put a brake on the industries under construction. Keeping the business going will be a struggle.”

He said that the first major increase in interest rates would be on employment.

It may be recalled that the State Bank of Pakistan has announced a new monetary policy according to which the interest rate has been increased by 125 basis points to 15%. The SBP says the economic growth rate will be three to four per cent while the inflation rate will be 18 to 20 per cent.

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