How much is the annual production of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan? Know

How much is the annual production of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan? …

Faisalabad (APP): Out of 6.8 million tonnes of annual production of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan, 5 to 8 per cent tolerance, 15 to 20 per cent handling, 5 to 10 per cent storage and 10 to 12 per cent production is being lost during transportation, according to a survey by agronomists and agricultural scientists. Mango, apricot and potato accounted for 25 per cent, dates 35 per cent, apples, peaches, sour fruits and pears 15 per cent and other fruits 24 per cent, while potatoes 15 per cent, onions 20 per cent, tomatoes 40 per cent and other vegetables more than 30 per cent. To address this, agricultural scientists at the Post-Harvest Research Center are providing free training to farmers, horticulturists, middlemen, unemployed housewives and young people on the latest technology to reduce post-harvest losses after fruits and vegetables and their quality products. ۔

A spokesperson of Post Harvest Research Center, Faisalabad, said that the institute’s agricultural scientists have gone to different areas to set up small scale industries at home by introducing modern technology for making pickles, sauces, jams, squash, marmalade, biscuits, beverages and drying vegetables. He urged farmers and horticulturists to increase the export of fruits and vegetables to the international market through the latest technology of post-tolerance factors introduced by experts to earn valuable foreign exchange. Make sure

He said that agricultural scientists have introduced pre-cooling technology and cold storage technology, grading and packing unit and mobile airplast truck delivery technology to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and prepare export quality. Experts, with the help of the Punjab Agricultural Research Board, have prepared edible layers for fruits and vegetables and have used low-cost local ingredients in the preparation of Ross, which has saved thousands of dollars spent on its import.

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