People should die from load shedding in summer, government has decided to save fuel money: Shaukat Tareen

People continue to die from load shedding in the heat, the government has decided to save money on fuel …

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Senator and former Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has said that the government is only saving money. ۔

Addressing a press conference, Shaukat said that on the one hand this government is increasing inflation, on the other hand our public interest projects have been stopped, they have stopped health card program, successful Pakistan program which includes Rs 5.5 million for agriculture and business. Interest free loans are being given, loans up to Rs. 27 lakh were being given for the house but all have been stopped. They have shut down successful youth programs, anchors, shelters.

Senator Shaukat Tareen said that there was no power shortfall in March and April but they did not call for fuel which is causing load shedding. They tell us that we did not set up factories, they had already set up many factories which We also had to pay overcapacity payment, if we had to pay more, we would have to pay them. Today there is 8 hours of load shedding in cities and about 12 hours in villages.

Shaukat Tareen said that the Prime Minister had promised that there would be no load shedding from May 1 but now he says that load shedding will continue. Coal plants are producing 25% of the production. No, they are not asking, RFO plants are closed, there were problems in our time but we gave electricity to the people, this government has decided that people should die in the heat but they have to save fuel money, petrol The price of food items has gone up which has had a direct impact on the middle and poor class. Food prices have gone up.

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