Russia’s retaliation could push oil prices to ڈالر 380 a barrel

“Russia’s retaliation could raise the price of oil to 80 380 a barrel,” the US …

NEW YORK (Daily Pakistan Online) – Analysts at US investment bank JP Morgan have warned that if Russia responds to sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe, world crude oil prices could rise to 380. Dollars can reach per barrel.

According to Bloomberg, JPMorgan’s Natasha Kineva and other analysts have written a note to the bank’s customers warning that Russia’s economic situation is so stable that it can supply 50 million barrels of oil without hurting the economy. Can withstand daily production decline. If Russia reduces its production, it will be disastrous for the rest of the world.

If crude oil production is reduced by three million barrels per day, the price of London crude oil will reach 190 190 per barrel, and if production falls by five million barrels per day, the price of crude oil will reach 80 380 per barrel. Will

In a written note to consumers, JPMorgan analysts said that in response to Western sanctions, Russia could reduce its energy exports, and that it was possible for the Russian government to reduce oil production to teach the West a lesson. There will be very negative effects.

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