The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association announced a nationwide strike on July 18

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association July 18 announced a nationwide strike.

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced a nationwide strike on July 18.

According to private TV Express News, banners were hung at petrol pumps in Lahore regarding the strike and demands. According to the General Secretary of Petroleum Dealers Association, the minimum wage has gone up to Rs 25,000. Done, load shedding has increased the cost of generators.

The association has demanded that the government should pay 6% commission to dealers as promised. On the other hand, the movement of oil tankers has come to a standstill due to non-drainage of rain water in Kemari oil installation areas. Chairman All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association According to Mir Shams Shahwani, apart from Kemari, rain water is still accumulated in Korangi and Port Qasim oil installation areas. Around 6,000 oil tankers are awaiting filling. There is rain water in front of it. No oil tanker has been filled since Sunday.

He said that due to suspension of filling process, delivery of petroleum products across the country has come to a standstill. Due to these conditions, there is a danger of fuel crisis in the country. ۔

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