The use of 324 units of electricity cost the agricultural consumer Rs. 42120

Consumption of 324 units of electricity, the bill to the agricultural consumer is Rs. 42120

Kot Sadat (Daily Pakistan Online) A farmer in Kot Sadat area near Burewala received a bill of Rs. 42,120 for agricultural use of 324 units of electricity. If the amount of bill payable is divided into used units, the price per unit becomes Rs. 130.

The tube well bill has come to a farmer named Syed Aftab Shah who has taken land on contract. According to the bill sent by Multan Electric Supply Company (MEPCO), a total of 324 units of electricity was used on tube wells in the month of June at a cost of Rs. 2815.56. On this bill, Rs. 37,731 has been included in the fuel price adjustment while a tax of Rs. 6,855 has also been imposed on this adjustment.

According to the information given on the bill, the current electricity bill by adding taxes etc. becomes Rs. 4693 on which a concession of Rs. 6478 has been given by the government. From this point of view, the farmer should get a benefit of Rs. 1785 but the bill payable has been sent to Rs. 42,120 including other charges including fuel price adjustment.

Protesting against the bill, Aftab Shah said that Pakistan is an agricultural country where the majority of the population is engaged in agriculture. The government should provide maximum subsidies to the farmers so that they can improve their production. They can play an important role in the economy but the government is trying to break the backs of the farmers.

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