410 virus infections increased in one day in the Uyghur region – Uyghur

The Chinese media has been reporting a lot of new cases of the virus. According to the latest report on August 12, 410 people were infected with the virus without symptoms in the Uyghur region on August 11.

Among them, 136 from Yining City, 87 from Urumqi City, 73 from Yining County, 67 from Qutubi County, 19 from Turpan City, 9 from Qomul City, 1 from Tengtuk City, 1 from Toksu County of Aksu, 1 from Bai County, 3 from Bortala City, 3 from Hotan City, and 2 from Korla City. 4 people from Kashgar city and 2 people from Qayyaq county.

The news shows that 1,317 people in the Uyghur region have been infected with the Tajik virus without symptoms, and 936 people have been infected in Ili Prefecture. In Kutubi County of Sanji, the number of infected people has reached 104.

Currently, Chinese social media are circulating on topics such as “Xinjiang is not a good place to come”, and Chinese tourists are trapped and quarantined at Urumqi Airport and other transit stations.

Breitbart in America A news report published on the news website shows that the Chinese government is now using Tajsman virus to further suppress the Uyghurs and endanger their lives, even their lives.

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