A youth meeting in Istanbul emphasized sharing the spirit of cooperation and self-sacrifice across the litigious ranks

At the 3rd “International East Turkistan Youth Conference” held in Istanbul, it was emphasized that the spirit of cooperation and sacrifice should be shared in the litigation front, and the Uyghur youth from all over the world should “further develop the East Turkistan cause” in the spirit of integrity, brotherhood, sacrifice and cooperation.

The 3rd “International East Turkistan” was held in Istanbul, Turkey from August 25th to 28th, with the participation of some young people who are active for the Uyghur issue in Turkey and in different parts of the world. “Youth Meeting” was held.

İstanbul دا علون 3‏-高 «直少小明星海汉电影yashlari 全部了论» دین ایکے. 2022-olyi 25-augus, İstanbul, Turkey.

100 Uyghur youths from Turkey and 15 from different parts of the world such as Norway and Australia participated in the youth meeting. At the opening ceremony of the meeting, Vice President of the World Uyghur Congress Dokur Free Ekram, President of the International Association of East Turkistan Organizations Uyidullah Oitzkhan, and President of the Association of East Turkistan Scholars Dokur Atavullah Shahyar and others spoke and encouraged the youth.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the chairman of the Istanbul branch of the Alparan Stoves Organization, Mr. Emir Farooq Yunpinar, quoted the important speech of the late Muhsin Yaziji, the former chairman of the Great Unity Party, about the Uyghurs. East Turkistan people are Turks. If humanity is looking for people, those who are being killed in East Turkistan are people. East Turkistan is our wound that has been bleeding for years, and the human rights violations being committed against the Uyghurs by China will never be accepted.”

İstanbul دا علون 3‏-高 «直少小明星海汉电影yashlari 全部了论» دین ایکے. 2022-olyi 25-augus, İstanbul, Turkey.

In his speech, he also called on the Turkish government and UN officials to send a commission of inquiry to the Uyghur region. We call on them to reconsider their diplomatic relations and reject human rights violations.

Mardan Uighur, president of the Norwegian Uighur Islamic Center, also spoke at the meeting and gave some examples of how to change the direction of the legal process of young people, thereby gaining a large number of supporters. In his speech, he emphasized that the Uyghur youth should continue to defend their national identity while sticking to their religious beliefs and fighting for independence.

In this conference, which lasted for 4 days, “The causes and solutions of youth polarization”, “National identity crisis in migration”, “Islamic world and East Turkistan case”, “Western world and East Turkistan case”, “The role of media in East Turkistan case” etc. Special discussions were held on the topics.

İstanbul دا علون 3‏-高 «直少小明星海汉电影yashlari 全部了论» دین ایکے. 2022-olyi 25-augus, İstanbul, Turkey.

The meeting was also attended by the chairman of the Australian Eastern Turkistan Association, Mr. Salahidin Siwa, who spoke about the significance of the position of young people in litigation.

At the end of the meeting, on August 28, the summary report of the meeting was published.

The concluding report emphasized that Uyghur youth from all over the world should work together to organize various social and political activities to protect and develop the Uyghur national identity.

Abdusalam Teklimakan presented the key points of the summary report and said: “In order to preserve our existence abroad and our national identity, we must strengthen the family culture of the youth in accordance with the Eastern Turkistan culture. To create an environment that reflects the language and national customs based on East Turkistan culture on the Internet in order to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation as well as to protect our national culture. To introduce the East Turkistan case to the Islamic and Western worlds, to strengthen cooperation with organizations and organizations, to carry out the East Turkistan case on various television channels and social media. “In order to increase the impact of the East Turkistan case on social media, Uyghur youth from all over the world should cooperate with each other to carry out campaigns against China.”

At the meeting, it was decided to establish a joint committee with various representatives for the implementation of joint decisions and the implementation of plans.

The conference also called on Eastern Turkistan organizations from all over the world to take efforts to educate and educate Uyghur youth.

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