“All Chinese officials involved in the suppression of the Uyghurs must be punished!” – Uighur

“Police documents” about the “cadets” kidnapped from Kashgar Old Town County in 2018 were released by the “Victims of Communism Memorial Fund” in Washington City on May 24 of this year. The secret documents released under the name “Xinjiang Police Documents” revealed that Chinese President Xi Jinping was the commander-in-chief of the persecution of Uyghurs. Other Chinese officials who implemented Xi Jinping’s policies are also identified in the document.

The official website of the August 11 Victims of Communism Memorial Fund published a joint letter to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The joint letter, signed by 56 organizations including the Victims of Communism Memorial Fund, the World Uyghur Congress, the Uyghur Action Organization and the Uyghur Human Rights Foundation, calls for a wider range of Chinese officials who should be punished for the genocide against Uyghurs identified by the “Xinjiang Police Documents”. .

Last year, the US government embargoed four Chinese officials, including Li Tuniyaz, who was appointed as the chairman of the Uyghur Autonomous Region. The letter emphasized the need to include Zhao Keji (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of China), Wang Yang, Guo Shengkun (Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee), and Hu Lianhe among the officials responsible for the Uyghur massacre. He also noted that doing so is in line with the draft law on Uyghurs.

Ms. Kristina Olney, director of government relations for Victims of Communism Memorial Fund, was interviewed by our radio station. He said: “The Victims of Communism Memorial Fund released a letter yesterday to US Treasury Secretary Yellen and US Secretary of State Blinken, asking the US government to expand the range of Chinese officials who should be punished for the genocide committed in the Uyghur region. We have received a letter from the US Department of the Treasury and the US Department of State acknowledging the receipt of this letter sent by 56 organizations.

He added: “We believe that the US government should also take punitive measures against officials of the Chinese central government who participated in the crackdown on Uighurs.” The Communist Victims’ Memorial Foundation published the secret orders of some senior and mid-level officials to severely suppress Uyghurs in Xinjiang Police Documents. We therefore call on the US government to take immediate punitive action against the Chinese officials who ordered and carried out that policy. In particular, we emphasized that punitive measures must be taken against the Chinese central government officials who targeted Xi Jinping. Among the secret documents, it was revealed that Xi Jinping directly ordered the ‘genocide’ policy against the Uyghurs. It’s been more than 60 days since the “Xinjiang Police Files” were leaked, and the evidence is full of high-ranking Chinese officials in the central Chinese government who were involved in the massacre. Also, based on the US government’s laws, including the Uyghur Human Rights Act passed in 2020, punitive measures should be taken against the repression in Xinjiang. So we asked the US government to take this punitive action without delay.”

On May 24, a spokesperson for the US State Department condemned the brutal violence against Uyghurs by China: “We are appalled by the news and photos published about the internment camps in Xinjiang. “These reports further prove the heinous violence in Xinjiang with more evidence,” he said.

The President of the World Uyghur Organization, one of the 56 organizations that signed the joint letter, said: “It is necessary for the U.S. government to take punitive measures against the officials of the Chinese central government who directly commanded the ‘genocide’ of the Uyghurs.” »

Finally, Ms. Christina Olney emphasized the need for America’s allies and other countries to stand with the United States in stopping the genocide being committed against the Uyghurs. “We are not only calling on the US government to take these punitive measures, but also calling on US allies to take the same measures as the US,” he said. We call on all Western countries, as well as all Western businesses, to join the ranks of criminally prosecuting Chinese central government officials involved in the suppression of Uyghurs. The US government has implemented the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Businesses cannot import products that involve forced Uyghur labor into the US market. We call for Europe to implement similar laws, and some European countries have indicated that they are considering joining this line. “The Victims of Communism Memorial Fund is calling on European countries to take action.”

At the end of the letter, the United States stressed that by punishing Chinese officials under the “Global Magnitsky Act,” the United States will send a strong signal that the world will not stand by if Beijing violates the 1948 Genocide Convention.

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