Before leaving office, Bachelet said it was difficult to publish her report on Uyghurs

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet held a press conference in Geneva on August 25 to introduce the world’s human rights situation and the work of the UN Human Rights Office. In that line, he talked about the human rights violations he saw in Burma and Venezuela and what he did to stop them. When he mentioned the human rights violence that is still going on in the world, he mentioned the Rohingya Muslims in Burma, the people of Ukraine who were massacred in the Russian attack, and did not mention the Uyghurs who are being oppressed by the Chinese genocide. But he told reporters that the Uyghurs are trying to publish a report on the human rights situation.

President of the World Uyghur Congress Mr. Isa Shang said: “From this, we realized that Michelle Bachelet is under pressure from China.”

According to CNN, Michelle Bachelet told reporters that the human rights office is always under pressure in every way, and that the staff is working according to the standards. I will not advertise or hide under it.

Ms. Sophie Richardson, head of Human Rights Watch’s China affairs, said in an interview with our radio station: “It looks like it’s up to the new commissioner to publish this report and take urgent action to hold Chinese officials accountable for crimes against humanity.” Doing so is important to do the right thing for the Uyghur and other Turkic peoples, and to restore the reputation of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in this matter.”

John Fisher, head of Human Rights Watch in Geneva, said in a tweet after Michelle Bachelet’s press conference: “Another blow! If this is not done, it will be an insult to Mrs. Michelle’s office and a betrayal to the victims!”

According to reports, Michelle Bachelet’s office is trying to fulfill her promise in June to release a human rights report on Uighurs in the region before she leaves office on August 31. However, they are currently reviewing the “practical comments” from the Chinese side and cannot publish this report without taking them into account.

“ABC News” reported that Michelle Bachelet received many letters from all over the world about publishing a report on the human rights situation in the Uyghur region just one year ago; In recent months, he has received more letters from more than 40 countries. China is among these countries, but China’s letter requested that the report not be published.

Ms. Sophie Richardson said that China will continue to block the release of the report, but the opposition will continue: “Many governments are concerned about China’s human rights abuses.” So they are pushing for the release of this report. Most importantly, Uyghurs around the world are working to make this happen. I think the Chinese government’s pressure on Michelle Bachelet’s office to not release that report will cause people to worry and act against China. They are worried and opposed to the fact that the Chinese government has committed so many crimes and not been punished.”

According to the report, the publication of such a strong report and taking action on it would mean confrontation with China. China is now rallying against the release of the report, bringing in prominent figures and experts from the United Nations, which has continued to delay the release of the report.

What will happen if the report is released is yet to be seen. Philip Alston, a law professor at New York University and a former United Nations special rapporteur, said: “What is important is that the United Nations can act as a catalyst in other ways. If this report is strong, it will be of great help to the Uyghur movement around the world. This report will at least encourage the governments of all countries to take a strong stance towards China and force China to improve its policies.

Mr. Wang Isa also said that if this report is published, its significance will be great.

After Michelle Bachelet’s press conference, a US State Department spokesperson called on her to release the report immediately. We have called. The High Commissioner has not yet released the report, although it has been rumored that it will be released soon. We call on him to release this report immediately, to comply with his public or private promises, and not to release the report before the end of his term.”

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