“Bingtuan is an illegal organization that has no place even in the ‘Chinese Constitution'” – Uighur

Professor Ulimjan Inayet spoke about Bingtuan, a semi-military organization in the Uyghur region, and said: “Bingtuan is an illegal organization that is not even mentioned in the Chinese Constitution or has any legal status. Bingtuan’s activities in East Turkistan since 1954 are illegal and criminal. This illegal, paramilitary organization in the Uyghur region currently has economic and trade ties with more than 160 countries in the world, so Bingtuan should first be prosecuted and punished according to international law.

Mr. Ulimjan Inayet, professor of Turkish World Research College of Aga University, Turkey, emphasized these words at the conference called “China Uyghur Policy and Production and Construction Foundation” organized by the East Turkestan Foundation in Istanbul on August 27.

پروفېسسور ئالىمجان ئىنايەت ئەپەندى ئۇيغۇر رايونىدىكى يېرىم ھەربىي ئورگان بولغان بىڭتۇەن ھەققىدە توختالماقتا. 2022-يىلى 27-ئاۋغۇست، ئىستانبۇل، تۈركىيە.

Mr. Ulimjan Inayet, our special interview continued, focusing on China’s Uyghur policy. He said that China’s ethnic policy is a racist policy based on assimilation, and it was formed based on the racist and chauvinistic views of Chinese nationalist Sun Zhongshan at the time. He also pointed out that China’s policy of reducing the population of Uyghurs, restricting national education, culture, and language, as well as the policy of Chineseization of Islam is actually a serious Chinese policy with the fundamental goal of assimilation. – Stated that they are complementary policies.

Professor Ulimjan Inayet, speaking about the production and construction organization in the China Uyghur Autonomous Region, added: “As we all know, this illegal organization called the organization has no precedent not only in China, but anywhere in the world. For all of China, Bingtuan exists only in East Turkistan. The Bingtuan system is an organic unit of the party, government, army, enterprises, and production sites, and it is a semi-military, semi-special body that manages administrative and judicial affairs independently, partially connected to the Uyghur Autonomous Region, but directly facing the Chinese center in terms of administration.

He also emphasized: “Bingtuan is an institution parallel to the Uyghur Autonomous Region, which is like a “state within a state.” Bingtuan was founded in 1954, was abolished for a while in 1975, and was revived in the 1980s. Bingtuan is a type of black society that uses weapons in one hand to take away the water, land and property of the local people by force. Chinese researchers have recently argued that Bingtuan is an institution without a legal basis, that is, it has no place in the Chinese Constitution. In other words, Bingtuan is an illegal institution that has no legal status even in the Chinese Constitution. Therefore, all the activities carried out by Bingtuan in East Turkistan since 1954 are illegal and a crime. This illegal organization now has economic and trade relations with more than 160 countries in the world, so Bintuan should be investigated and punished according to international law.

We also had a conversation with the president of the East Turkestan Foundation, Dr. Januyugir, about this matter. He stated that many people don’t know much about Bingtuan. In fact, Bingtuan is the main culprit behind the genocide that is taking place in East Turkistan today. That is why they organized this seminar called “China Uyghur Policy and Production and Construction Bingtuan”.

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