China also held an “international military tournament” in Korea this year – Uighur

The “international military competition” that China has been holding since 2017 with the participation of dictator countries such as Russia and Iran was held in Korla, Uyghur, this year. The first host of this competition is Russia, but China has been holding some events in Korea since 2017. Analysts say that China, which has been criticized internationally for the Uyghur genocide, has always held the tournament in Korea to show that these countries are on the same side as China on the Uyghur issue.

According to “China News” website, the competition started on August 13, and 5 countries participated in it. It is known that Russia, Belarus, Iran, Venezuela and other countries participated in the competition. These countries are the countries that have supported China every time the Uyghur issue is on the agenda at the UN. According to the report of “China News”, more than 200 officers and soldiers from five countries will compete fiercely in two competitions: “Suvorov Attack” and “Safe Road” in the competition, which will last from August 13 to 26.

The report emphasized that the parties will display their military equipment and conduct cultural exchanges during the competition, and that the officers and soldiers of the participating countries will strengthen military cooperation, mutual trust and friendship. The military contest in Corley took place at a time when Russia has invaded Ukraine, the United States and China are at loggerheads over the Taiwan issue, and China is threatening Taiwan. However, observers say that although China promotes the competition, the number of countries participating in it has decreased year by year. In 2018, there were 10 countries participating in it, but this year it was reduced to 5.

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