“China is now trying to control information about Xinjiang!” – Uighur

The US State Department released a special report on August 24, criticizing the Chinese government’s attempts to turn the ongoing narrative about Uyghurs around the world to its own advantage. The report details the Chinese government’s attempts to control public opinion by dumping “positive” information about the Uyghur diaspora on the Internet, using what it calls “chain diplomacy,” foreign media, and social media to achieve this goal.

According to the report, the Chinese government and the companies and individuals they support have used a “carefully designed effort” to discredit and overturn the U.S. government’s declaration that the Uyghurs are being subjected to genocide. In this, they opened social media accounts in more than 200 countries in the name of government officials and spread false information in at least 38 languages ​​to “inform” young people around the world about the “happy life” in Uyghur. The images created by artificial intelligence made it “unreal” that the people there were living in “harmony and unity”.

Not only have they produced a series of videos about Uyghurs “protecting” the Chinese government, they have also hired at least two million Chinese citizens and 20 million “temporary web assistants” to teach Chinese netizens and the Chinese-speaking community abroad “the smooth life of Uyghurs.” ” provided information about. China’s Central Propaganda Department and the Central Cyberspace Commission played the role of “commanders”. China’s “chain diplomats” have made it one of their main tasks to “firmly deny” that Uyghurs are being massacred on social media platforms in the Western world, and to “strongly refute” criticism about it. To make matters worse, the Chinese government has tried to silence critics by threatening and abducting their relatives and attempting to silence critics of their oppression and massacres in Uyghur lands.

The report emphasized that such massive attempts by the Chinese government to “control global public opinion” have not served to confuse, falsify, and raise suspicions about the independent narratives of the Uyghur diaspora by the world’s media.

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