China threatened Taiwan, and Taiwan was not spared – Uighur

While the Chinese military is continuing its military exercises around Taiwan, Taiwan has also said that it will never give in to China’s threats and pressures.

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese military will conduct bombing exercises in the southern part of the Yellow Sea, which separates China and the Korean peninsula, and will continue until August 15. China’s Ministry of National Defense also said that Taiwan has deployed unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) near the island of Taiwan for reconnaissance.

The Taiwan side said that on August 7, Chinese military aircraft appeared in Taiwan’s airspace 66 times and passed through the Southwest Air Defense Zone 22 times. 14 Chinese warships were spotted near the Taiwan Strait. China’s exercises took the form of simulated attacks on Taiwan islands and ships.

Taiwan Prime Minister Su Zhengchang said: “The Chinese government is trying to use violence and military action to destroy the peace and stability of the region. We will never give in to their pressure. We celebrate freedom and democracy. We believe that the people of Taiwan will not accept China’s provocation at our doorstep.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that China is engaging in military actions that undermine regional peace and said, “The conflict between Taiwan and the mainland should be resolved peacefully. The whole world is now concerned about this issue.”

According to CNN, when Anthony Blinken met with the new president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, on August 6, he said that if the Philippines is attacked by China in the South China Sea, the US military will defend the Philippines, and he issued a warning to China, which is threatening Taiwan.

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