China’s Yangtze River has begun to dry up due to extreme heat

Due to the rapid rise in temperature, critical sections of the Yangtze River, one of China’s major rivers, have flooded, destroying crops and causing drinking water shortages in some villages.

“Washington Post” reports that China is currently facing the worst drought in history. The report said that the central and southern provinces of China are the most affected areas, and the long-term hot air flow in these areas has aggravated the drought.

According to reports, the Chinese government has been forced to take measures to combat the high temperatures and drought, which authorities have said include financial aid, artificial rainfall and the shutdown of some energy-intensive factories. Prior to this, some media in China said that the demand for solid thermal power in these regions has increased, increasing the pressure on Uighur’s coal-fired power plants.

Experts have warned that this will lead to more coal consumption in Uyghur, more air pollution and longer duration of heatwaves in Uyghur. But the “Washington Post” newspaper said that China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s lack of hydropower has exacerbated China’s dependence on coal. China’s Hubei Province is one of the most severe drought areas. National government officials said this week that 440,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed in the country, and more than 150,000 people are without adequate water supply.

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