Chinese authorities have asked to ensure the stability of the supply chain in Uyghur

Chinese authorities have demanded that the region’s material logistics and supply chain be secured at a time when a new type of Tadziman virus has re-emerged in the Uyghur region, and many areas are under strict surveillance and quarantine. According to “Xinjiang” newspaper, the Uighur Autonomous Region Party Committee held a telephone conference on August 15th under the leadership of Ma Xingrui, and made arrangements to ensure material logistics and supply chain in the Uyghur region. At the meeting, Ma Xingrui, Party Secretary of the Autonomous Region, called for strict adherence to responsibility in ensuring the supply chain.

He strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures in the region, while carefully implementing Xi Jinping’s vision of “reducing the epidemic to zero”, “to maximize the protection of material logistics, supply chain stability, agricultural production, and economic and social control of the epidemic” “Minimize the impact on development.” According to human rights organizations, Ma Shingrui’s policy will increase the pressure on Uyghurs and push them into forced labor on a larger scale. In 2020, the Chinese government forced Uyghurs to work in Chinese factories even when factories were closed due to the outbreak of the new Tajik virus, and the whole of China was under lockdown.

At the meeting, Ma Xingrui also emphasized that “while making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic, ensure the stability of the material logistics and industrial chain and supply chain of all areas and departments, and adhere to the responsibilities of all parties.” Stopping, setting up unauthorized epidemic checkpoints, and multiple traffic controls are prohibited. He asked to ensure the normal operation of airports, railway freight stations and logistics centers.

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