Despite the seriousness of the epidemic situation in the Uyghur region, Chinese propaganda has tried to turn attention to the “positive” side

According to the information provided by the Chinese media and the Uygur Autonomous Region Health Committee, until August 24, there were 6 new epidemics in the entire Uyghur region. There were 169 asymptomatic cases, 35 in Urumqi, 87 in Yining City, 16 in Sanji City, 25 in Qutubi County, 5 in Komul City, 2 in Turpan City, and 1 in Korla City.

In addition, the Chinese media also did not neglect to spread information about the improvement of the epidemic situation. As of August 24, it gave detailed information that 5 people had been discharged from the hospital, and 292 infected people without symptoms were being monitored separately in various places. There are 3 infected people without symptoms.

According to information released by “China News Network”, the Health Committee of the Uyghur Autonomous Region held a press conference on August 23. According to the conference announcement, there have been no new epidemics in Hotan, Altai, Aksu, Qirisu, Kashgar, Bortala and other regions for 7 days.

But according to our radio and social media, there has been no improvement in the epidemic situation in the Uyghur region; Especially in the northern regions such as Ili Prefecture, where the spread of the disease is not ending, the severe quarantine measures are seriously endangering the lives and lives of the people, and the punishment, hunger, mental and physical pain continue to torment the Uyghur people.

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