“Epidemic measures in Uyghur should get more international attention” – Uyghur

According to the news released by the Chinese government media, the virus epidemic situation in Uyghur is still very serious. In particular, the fact that China’s State Cabinet (Guuyuan) sent a special aid to the Uyghur people under the name of “Joint Team for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Tajik Virus” fully demonstrates this.

Today, according to the latest epidemic situation announced by the authorities on August 15th, 343 more people were infected with the virus in Uyghur province at 24:00 on August 14th. The number reached 2334 people.

A special committee sent by the State Cabinet of China to guide the epidemic prevention and control work arrived on August 12, headed by Lei Haichao, deputy director of the Chinese Health Commission, Ma Xingrui, secretary of the Uyghur Autonomous Region Party Committee, and the chairman of the Uyghur Autonomous Region. met with Tuniyaz and discussed how to control the epidemic situation.

Lei Haichao said: “The CPC Central Committee and the Congress should thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements to prevent the spread of the epidemic, prepare all areas for emergency response, and prevent the spread of the epidemic in non-epidemic areas. The spread of the epidemic and efforts to reduce it as soon as possible, it is necessary to arrange a plan for the safe and orderly departure of stranded travelers. At a time when video footage of the current strict siege in Uyghur is causing great hardships to the lives of people in the region, the visit of the above board means that the so-called “zero virus” siege measures that are being brutally implemented will not end in a hurry.

“Protecting Human Rights in China” (CHRD) human rights organization’s research and activity coordinator William Ning said in his speech to our radio today that the implementation of the illogical policy of “reducing the infection to zero”, which was previously implemented in big cities such as Shanghai in China, is very worrying. He said:

“Although this zero virus policy is not a reasonable policy to control the epidemic, but because it is a direct instruction from Chinese President Xi Jinping, implementing the policy to reduce the epidemic to zero through strict measures is a way for local governments to show their loyalty to Chinese President Xi Jinping. the rest Now, as for the Uyghur people, first of all, it is clear that the leadership of the Uyghur people will strictly implement Xi Jinping’s policy because of this. Second, due to the political situation in Uyghur, the practice there is under severe siege. Uighurs cannot communicate with foreign countries, so we cannot fully understand what the heavy-handed siege policies are causing to the people. During the siege in Shanghai, we at least saw what was happening in the posts of Chinese citizens on podcasts and Weibo. But Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic groups cannot do that. “If they press charges, they will probably be put on a political cap and kidnapped.”

Indeed, Liu Qinghua, vice governor of Ili Prefecture, said in a recent briefing on the epidemic: “The general public should continue to be patient, do not leave the house, do not move, do not gather, protect yourself, protect your family, and protect the beautiful Ili… Do not believe in incitement, Do not spread incitement, do not create incitement.” said things like

According to the report published by China’s “People’s Daily”, Liu Qinghua stressed the severity of the epidemic in Gulji, “In recent days, the risk of the spread of the virus in Yining City is increasing. The overall situation of the epidemic is still in the development stage. The degree of difficulty in prevention and control is high, and the situation is severe and complicated.” pointed out that

As it turns out, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently launched a nationwide 100-day crackdown on black forces. According to our radio reporter’s investigation, the crackdown, which began on the eve of the Communist Party Congress in September this year, is being carried out in Uyghur as well. This operation, which was used to attack a number of black gangs and criminal gangs in the Chinese provinces, was used in Uyghur by the so-called “two-hundred” in previous years. It was revealed that it has become a campaign to attack those who have taken “separatists”, “religious extremists” and “terrorists” under their wings, that is, those who have fallen off the grid. At present, some observers are worried that the situation will worsen under the pretext of controlling the virus in Uyghur.

According to Mr. William Nye, there is always a possibility that the nature of epidemic measures will change in the Uyghur Era, where the nature of any movement will change. He says:

“Although this 100-day crackdown on black forces was originally intended to target a number of underground, mafia-type groups, in the Uyghur-elite regions, such actions are often aimed at religious activities, religious groups, and the promotion of Uyghur national identity, customs, and traditions. It has become an act of violence against individuals who do it. In our research, we have seen that China’s containment measures have often been used as a pretext for human rights abuses. Therefore, there is a great danger that the siege measures during the epidemic will be used to politically suppress the people in the region.

It turns out that on August 13th, after the instructions of the special assistant from the center, Ma Shingrui, the party secretary of Uyghur-Eli, went to Ili Prefecture, where the epidemic situation is quite serious, and the chairman of the Uyghur regional government, Free Tuniyaz, went to Baingolin Mongol Prefecture, where he conducted investigations and instructions.

According to Xinjiang newspaper, which is the voice of the Chinese government, Ma Xingrui said in his speech in Ili Prefecture that “General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on epidemic prevention and control and the spirit of his important speech during his review of Xinjiang will be firmly implemented… stronger, It is necessary to take effective measures to deal with and deal with the epidemic at the local level, and to achieve zero at the community level as soon as possible through a stricter attitude, faster action, and more practical measures. The president of the Uyghur Autonomous Region, Free Tuniyaz, also repeated the same sentences as above in Baingolin Mongol Prefecture, and requested the implementation of reducing the epidemic to zero.

Observers like William Nye emphasize that the impact of the Chinese government’s heavy-handed epidemic containment measures on the people of the Uyghur region, especially on the lives of the Uyghur population of farmers, herders, artisans, small business operators, and low-income Uyghurs, should have a greater impact on the international community.

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