Former Kuomintang member of parliament Abdulla Tim dies – Uighur

Abdulla Thim, a former Kuomintang member of parliament who has lived in Taiwan for many years, died in Taiwan on August 14 this year at the age of 102.

According to information, Abdullah Tim was born in April 1919 in Gulji. He graduated from the Faculty of Education of the former Xinjiang University and taught at the Xinjiang Girls’ College; He was the editor of “Xinjiang Newspaper”, the editor-in-chief of “Tianshan Publishing House”, and the deputy publisher of “Xinjiang Altai Publishing House”; In 1948, he became a member of the Chinese Mingo Legislative Committee (which later became the Taiwan Parliament).

Abdullah Tim moved to Taiwan after the end of the civil war in China and became a professor in the Faculty of Border Policy at Taiwan Political University; In 1957, he was elected as a candidate member of the Kuomintang Central Committee, and in 1969, he was elected as a member of the Kuomintang Central Committee. In 1992, at the invitation of the Chinese National Political Council, he took his wife and daughter and came to the Uyghur region to visit Kuitun.

During his political career in Taiwan, Abdullah Tim also served as the chairman of the “Association for the Promotion of National Reunification”, the chairman of the board of directors of the Sino-Turkish Cultural Association, the permanent council member of the Sino-Arab Cultural Association, and the permanent board member of the Taiwan Islamic Association.

In his life, Abdullah Tim was not only involved in politics, but also in writing poems. His daughter Shazat Abdullah is a doctor of literature and philology and is a well-known Chinese writer and speaker in Malaysia.

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