German Uwe Kerkow tried to justify Beijing’s repression of Uyghurs

On August 20th and 21st, the “Hot Line” information network in Germany asked “How to deal with Uighur terrorism in China?” A two-part voluminous article was published in succession. The article was written by Uwe Kerkov, whose photo is unknown, and whose identity is unknown. The main content of this article, which has been written with considerable effort and references, focuses on Beijing’s policy of suppressing Uighurs.

In his article, Uwe Kerkov first states that the six documents on the concentration camps released by the International Union of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in 2019 are unreliable, and then that the “Xinjiang Police Documents” released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) in 2022 are also questionable. Further, it emphasizes that both institutions rely on funding from the Endowment for the Advancement of Democracy (NED) and therefore cannot be considered neutral.

In the second step, Uwe Kerkov cites 11 “terrorist incidents in Xinjiang” in the last 15 years up to 2017. For example, he said, “In March 2008, the Xinhua News Agency revealed that a 19-year-old Uyghur woman tried to blow up a passenger plane traveling from Urumqi to Beijing” and “On February 15, 2017, Xinjiang police 3 of the knife attackers who killed 8 and injured 10 were brought to the point.

In the third step, the so-called “East Turkistan Islamic Movement” organization was declared responsible for some of the recent terrorist attacks, and Uyghur organizations in the West supported these actions. The headquarters of the World Uighur Congress is in Munich. The organization has branches in London and Berlin. They are closely related to the Victims of Communism Foundation and fight for an independent East Turkistan. Therefore, the Chinese government has listed DQ as a terrorist organization.

Of course, Uve Kerkov, whose identity is unknown, writing an article defending China’s policies is not a surprising topic, and China’s attempts to hire foreign writers to justify the Uyghur genocide is not new. It is worth noting that Uwe Kerkow said that 70 percent of Americans now support a tough stance toward China, and in Germany, which originally considered China an “economic partner,” the percentage against China rose to only 58 percent this year, which is directly related to the Uighur issue, and this trend is to emphasize that it is not true.

Anwar Ahmet, a situation analyst in Germany, said that the attempts of foreign mercenary forces to defend themselves on the issue of China’s prison camps failed to produce positive results. Mr. Farhat Mohammadi, a situation analyst, also expressed his views on this issue.

Uwe Kerkov “How to deal with Uighur terrorism in China?” In his two-part essay, he failed to deny the existence of concentration camps. But he mentioned that Beijing has the right to “take measures against terrorism” and said, “There is something to shoot terrorists in Germany, and “there is something to imprison in camps without question in the United States. For example, by saying “Guantanamo”, China tried to cover the system of punishment camps.

In Uwe Kerkov’s article, UN Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet has 10 days left to leave her post, and China will bite Michelle Bachelet at a time when the UN is deeply worried about the publication of the suppressed report on the Uyghurs. He writes about Michelle Bachelet: “Bachelet seemed scared when she ended her trip to Xinjiang. He emphasized that the visit does not include an inspection of the area. He adds: “He did not dare to give a final account of this trip.”

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