He called on Michelle Bachelet, the US ambassador in Geneva, to publish a report on the Uyghurs

US Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council, Michelle Taylor, has called on UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to publish a report on Uyghurs before she leaves office.

Michelle Taylor said in a tweet: “I call on Michelle Bachelet to follow through on her promises in public and private, including to me personally, to release a report on Xinjiang before her term ends.” He added: “The world deserves an independent and honest reflection of the human rights situation in Xinjiang.”

Michelle Taylor’s call came after UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said at a press conference in Geneva on August 25 that the UN was “trying to publish” its report on the Uyghurs. Her comments left human rights organizations with the impression that Bachelet was under pressure to release the report. Bachelet did not mention Uyghurs at the meeting, but she made the above statements when answering reporters’ questions about the report.

American “Cable News Network” (CNN) said that Michelle Bachelet told reporters that she was “under pressure not to publish” the report: “But I will not publish or hide any report under pressure.”

A few weeks ago, foreign media reported that China is pressuring the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights not to publish the report, and that it is using countries that support China to do so. According to the news of “Xinjiang” newspaper, it is at a critical moment whether to publish the “Xinjiang Report” of the United Nations, while China is in Urumqi with Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Eritrea, Somalia, Lissato, Cote d’Iva, Gambia, Iraq, Laos, etc. Diplomats from 10 countries based in the United States have been received in Geneva.

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