Imran Khan is about to be charged with terrorism – Uighur

Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, has recently been accused of “terrorism and subversion” and is about to be arrested. Currently, this incident has become the center of attention of various media.

The Washington Post reported on August 22 that Imran Khan, who was overthrown in April 2021, is facing arrest for inciting millions of his followers to protest against the government and breaking the pattern of not criticizing the military in Pakistan and insulting the military. At present, his supporters are protesting the arrest of Imran Khan by surrounding his residence.

Reportedly, Imran Khan accused Pakistan’s Chief Police Officer and Chief Justice of the protests on August 20, saying, “We will not forgive you. Instead, we will take you to court. Pakistan’s police authorities called his words “terrorism and subversion” and said, “Imran Khan is inciting people to violence, lawlessness and rebellion by saying this.”

“Axios” (Axios) in an article on August 23 shows that Imran Khan’s closest aide Shahbaz Gill (Shahbaz Gill) has been encouraging his followers to oppose the army. But most people insist that the army played a key role in Imran Khan’s rise to power. Imran Khan has repeatedly said, without any evidence, that “the US government has plotted against me because of my friendly relations with Russia and China.”

It turns out that if the charges against Imran Khan are confirmed, he will be arrested and brought to court. In the news of the United Nations agency, it is said that “If the charges against Imran Khan are accepted in court, he will spend several years in prison.”

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