In China’s Sichuan province, factories shut down due to power shortages

In some provinces of China, the demand for electricity has increased due to the extremely hot weather.

According to the news of CNN TV, in order to reduce the power shortage situation, Sichuan Province has ordered the closure of all factories for six days.

China is currently experiencing the hottest weather in 60 years, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in dozens of cities. Extreme heat has led to increased demand for air conditioners in offices and homes, putting further pressure on an already depleted power grid. Due to the drought, the amount of river water is getting lower and lower, making it difficult for hydroelectric power plants to continue producing electricity. Provincial officials have warned that Sichuan’s power supply situation is “coming to its most serious and critical moment”.

According to CNN, in addition to Sichuan, China’s Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces also experienced rapid power outages due to extreme heat and power shortages. They began to advertise energy saving measures in factories and residential areas.

The Uyghur region is one of the main areas that provide electricity to the Chinese provinces, and it is expected that the power shortage in the Chinese provinces will increase the pressure on the Uyghur region to produce electricity. Uyghur-Eli China is not only a very important oil, natural gas and forced labor base, but also an important strategic power supply base that supplies electricity to the interior of China.

In addition, as Sichuan Province is an important production site for China’s semiconductor and solar battery industries, the shutdown of factories there may affect the normal production of some electronics companies inside and outside China and raise the price of raw materials.

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