In Sweden, a “victory ceremony” was held, and those who succeeded were awarded

The Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization held a “victory ceremony” in honor of the successful team in the “European Freedom Cup”.

On August 27, the Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization organized an event called “Victory Ceremony” with the participation of the Uyghur community and youth football team members in Stockholm, and awarded the Swedish youth who won the first place in the 2022 “European Freedom Cup Football Competition” with material goods.

A Uyghur hat distributed at the
A Uyghur hat distributed at the “Victory Ceremony” organized by the Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization. August 27, 2022.

Ms. Baishinur, the president of the Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization, said that the event was very impressive in various aspects. The Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization presented hats and other material items to the members of the Swedish Uyghur Youth Football Team who were successful in the event. He mentioned that handkerchiefs and sharpies were donated to the volunteer mothers who supported the competition.

Scene from the
Scene from the “Victory Ceremony” held by the Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization in honor of the team that won the European Freedom Cup. August 27, 2022.

The 2022 “European Freedom Cup Football Tournament” was held in July this year in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Uyghur youth football teams from Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden participated in the 3-day tournament. In the finals, the Norwegian team won the 3rd place, the Belgian team won the 2nd place, and the Swedish team won the 1st place. The Swedish Uyghur youth football team’s championship made the Swedish people who care about the game very happy. The Swedish Uyghur Unity Organization held the “Victory Ceremony” event to encourage and support the Swedish youth. Among the participants of the event, Mrs. Mahinur Hasanova, who lives in Stockholm, expressed her impressions.

Scene from the

At the end of the event, the Uyghur community danced to the English musicians and celebrated their happiness.

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