In the Uyghur region, the number of people infected with the new type of Tajsman virus continues to increase

Although the Chinese authorities have taken strict quarantine measures in the Uyghur region and strictly implemented Xi Jinping’s order to “reduce” the epidemic to zero, the number of new Tajikman virus infections continues to increase. China’s health department in the region said another 177 asymptomatic cases were reported in the region on August 16. Most of the newly diagnosed cases were found in Yining City and Qutubi County.

According to the “China News” network, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Uyghur Autonomous Region announced on August 16 that 177 new cases of infection were detected from the morning of August 16 to 9 p.m., 71 of them were from Yining City and 52 were from Qutubi County. , said that 23 of them were found in Urumqi city, and the rest were found in Shihu, Turpan’s Idekot district, Hamul’s Evergol district and Korla city. Before that, on August 13, the party secretary of the Uygur Autonomous Region, Ma Xingrui, went to Gulji and gave orders to strictly implement Xi Jinping’s policy of “reducing the epidemic to zero”, strictly control and quarantine areas where the virus is found.

But the extreme quarantine measures have made the lives of Uyghurs more difficult and increased the pressure on them. Human rights groups say Chinese authorities have used anti-terrorist measures they have used against Uyghurs to prevent the spread of the new virus in the region. Although the authorities claim that the new type of virus that has exploded in the region came from abroad, some local cadres in Gulji told our radio that the citizens caught the virus from tourists from Gansu. China’s health department said there are currently 2,679 asymptomatic cases in the region, and 18 officially diagnosed cases.

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