In Uyghur, the total number of people infected with the new type of Tajsman virus has reached 3170

The total number of people infected with the new type of Tajsman virus in Uyghur reached 3170 on August 21. “Bingtuan News” newspaper in the China region revealed on August 22 that 3,127 of the infected people are asymptomatic, and the remaining 43 are infected with officially diagnosed symptoms. The report said that most of the asymptomatic infected people were found in Yining City, followed by Qutubi County in Sanji.

“Bingtuan News” said that 1,713 of the infected people are in Yining City and 520 are in Qutubi County. Currently, the virus has spread to all provinces and prefectures except Altai and Hotan. In the information announced by the Chinese health department in the region on the 21st, it was emphasized that 193 new infected people were found in the region that day, 189 of them were asymptomatic and 4 were diagnosed. According to the news, 112 of the infected people found on August 21 were from Yining City, 24 from Qutubi, and the rest were from Sanji City, Fukang, Urumqi, Hamul, Turpan, and Korla.

Uighur Autonomous Region Party Secretary Ma Xingrui strictly followed Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s instructions to “reduce the epidemic to zero” and imposed a strict siege on Yining and other places, putting the lives of Uyghurs in a serious situation. According to information from the region, some Uyghur families are starving in the city, but the authorities are keeping the citizens in their homes and not letting them out. The Chinese government has imposed a strict lockdown in the region since the last outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

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