It has been revealed that Tsinghua Energy Company in Yining Chulukai is putting local residents to hard labor with low wages

In a recent response to our reporter, a resident of Chulukai village of Yining County filed a complaint against Tsinghua Energy Company, which settled in the village. The worker said in his complaint that he only earns 1,500 yuan a month by working day and night, and that his health has deteriorated. In the course of our reporter’s investigations, it was revealed that the company is putting local residents in the hardest work of the factory and paying them low wages.

According to the data, there are about 2,800 workers in the offices and factories of Tsinghua Energy Company, which started working in Yining Chulukai in 2009. In a recent audio response we obtained, the complaints of a worker at the company’s coal-fired power plant were described. The complaint, which was originally sent to a certain working group in Yining County, stated that although the worker has been doing all kinds of work at the power plant for more than ten years, from mining to maintenance, there has been no progress on the matter. According to the audio recording, the worker worked day and night and was paid only 1,500 yuan a month. As a result, he became increasingly poor in life and did not feel sick. But the audio does not say whether his concrete was infected, whether it was formed by heavy labor or the environment.

A company member and security director who received our call from Chulukai, while praising the energy company for providing jobs to local residents, revealed that the Uyghur workers in the factory receive only about 1,000 yuan per month. When we relayed the message on the last voicemail to him, he noted that only Uyghur workers who work regularly at the factory can get 1,500 yuan. He also revealed that the Chinese workers working in the factory and recruited from Yining County will receive a salary of at least 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. But he noted that the factory’s technicians and workers imported from Chinese provinces are likely to receive higher wages.

We also called a police station responsible for the security of Tsinghua Energy’s light industrial plant in the course of our investigation. The point manager who received our call also revealed that the factory will deliver 200-300 tons of free coal to poor local families a year, and the local residents will do the hardest work in the factory, such as cleaning coal dust and moving gas barrels.

He also reported that the Chinese in the factory completely monopolized the factory’s administrative and low-tech jobs.

A news report in the Internet archives stated that Ili Tsinghua Energy Company held a grand awards ceremony in Chulukai in July 2018, and the meeting was attended by all levels and employees of the company. But in every photo, whether it is a leader or a worker, not a single Uyghur-style person can be seen.

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