“It is very important that the Uyghur Genocide be recognized by the scientific community” – Uyghur

The fact that China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs and other Turkic ethnic groups is being recognized by more and more democratic countries. Although some politicians and observers in the political field believe that the nature of China’s policies against the Uyghur people is basically genocide, some experts and jurists in the field of science emphasized the lack of sufficient data and evidence on this matter, and refrained from expressing a clear position on this issue. Moreover, the Chinese government’s use of large-scale state propaganda machines to try to hide its genocide in the Uighur region, and even buying some people from foreign countries to speak for the benefit of China through their mouths, caused some difficulties in revealing the true face of the genocide facing the Uighurs to the world.

Eleanor Hart, a researcher at the European Uyghur Institute, recently published an article titled “The Uyghur Genocide: The Emergence of Unity in the Academic Field” at the French University’s Academic Forum “Aos,” which has attracted the attention of international Uyghur scholars.

فىرانسىيەدە ئېلىپ بېرىلغان ئۇيغۇر ئىرقى قىرغىنچىلىقىغا قارشى چوڭ تىپتىكى نامايىش. 2021-يىلى ئۆكتەبىر.
A large-scale protest against the Uyghur genocide in France. October 2021.

After the French parliament officially recognized the Uyghur genocide in January of this year, some pro-Chinese people in France and some leaders of the “Unbreakable France” party are trying to come up with various political arguments to deny the Uyghur genocide.

Dilnur Rayhan, director of the European Uyghur Institute, believes that Eleanor Hart’s article can be said to be a comprehensive and scientific rebuttal to pro-Chinese political attitudes in France and Europe.

In this regard, Ms. Dilnur Rayhan accepted our interview and talked about the scientific value of this article and its significance in the current situation. The article was edited with suggestions from Uyghur scholar Joan Smith Finley, researcher Adrian Zenz, legal scholar Erin Farrell Rosenberg, and Dirk Moses, head of the International Journal of Genocide Studies, and published under the co-signature of Uyghur scholars from various universities.

In this regard, Mrs. Eleanor Hart accepted our visit. He spoke about the recognition of the Uyghur genocide by the world scientific community and said: “I think the word genocide has been accepted in the scientific world relatively slowly. But there is a lot of conscious and scientific context in using this concept. I think the French academic world is conservative in this regard, and the English academic world is equally conservative. It took some time for the scientific world to acknowledge the Uyghur genocide. About half of China’s experts have been involved in many studies on China’s ethnic policy toward the Uyghur people. “The researchers worked with international legal experts.”

“I think there’s less and less of an argument now that it wasn’t genocide,” he added. It is fundamentally clear that the refusal to even discuss the possibility of genocide is no longer tenable.”

In her essay, Eleanor Hart emphasized that all factors that prove the intent of the perpetrator of genocide play a critical role in determining genocide. Eleanor Hart discussed the critical reasons why China’s Uyghur policy is genocide, and said: “The reason why we call China’s Uyghur policy genocide is that this policy has certain elements necessary to create the conditions for genocide. Genocidal intent expressed in political speeches and directives of high-ranking Chinese Communist Party officials and the reality of targeting a particular ethnic or national group is evidence of genocide.”

The article says that the concept of long-term stability is important in understanding the situation of Uyghurs. China is aiming to prevent any future resistance movements through demographic change. In addition, the article also comprehensively explains the relationship between the genocide policy against Chinese Uighurs and the colonial process in Chinese Uighurs. Eleanor Hart also said in her article that the genocide was aimed at tipping the balance of population in favor of the invaders, and that genocide and violence were part of China’s colonial policy.

During our visit, Ms. Dilnur Rayhan talked about the process of acceptance by the scientific world of scientific ideas that Uyghur Eli is a colonial land.

Eleanor Hart’s article also emphasized that the countries that have signed the relevant documents of the United Nations for the prevention of genocide have the obligation to act against it after the genocide has been investigated and determined.

During our visit, Mrs. Eleanor Hart spoke about the obligations of the countries that have signed the relevant documents of the United Nations to stop the Uyghur genocide.

“It is very important that France and other countries recognize the genocide. The Uyghur genocide was actually recognized by many countries’ parliaments, not governments. For example, in France, President Macron has not yet officially acknowledged the issue. Therefore, I think that first official recognition of the Uyghur genocide by governments is an important starting point in terms of finding solutions to the problem and putting pressure on China through diplomatic and economic channels. “Economic and political embargoes are an important step against genocide.”

The Uyghur Genocide is now widely recognized not only in the world politics but also in the world science. Scholars and experts in the field of science are publishing a large number of academic works explaining the nature of China’s genocidal policy.

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