More dangers of the TikTok app are being revealed – Uighur

According to a study released by a mobile communication company called URL Genius in the United States, the TikTok app collects more personal information than any other social media app.

Importantly, TikTok allows third-party trackers to collect user data. Who these trackers are, what data they’re collecting, and what they’re using are unknown to anyone except TikTok and those third-party trackers.

According to the Washington Examiner news website, the third party allowing TikTok to collect user information is the Chinese government, because TikTok is an app owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. State that you cannot refuse to share data.

The article also warns that companies like ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, are actually an agency of the Chinese Communist Party, so apps like TikTok should not be on Americans’ phones or app stores.

Recently, the American “Buzzfeed” network published a special report on the Tik-Tok app, revealing that it is collecting the personal data of American users in China and continues to send their personal information to Beijing. In addition to collecting location and behavior information, TikTok can also track users’ account information and search history, according to the report. The location and activities of users can be tracked even if the app is not used on phones with Tik Tok app installed.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also warned Americans about the TikTok app in a recent tweet: “China will always use this personal information against the American people.”

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