More than 12,000 people were quarantined in Yining City – Uighurs

Currently, Yining City has become one of the most stringent quarantine measures against the novel coronavirus in China. On August 21, the Yining City Government Department disclosed to the media that the authorities have set up so-called quarantine points in 106 places in Yining City and quarantined 12,026 people.

In a press conference held on the evening of August 21 on epidemic control and prevention, Yining City Party Committee Deputy Secretary in charge of permanent affairs, Chiao Shugang, said that until 4:00 p.m. on August 21, 106 quarantine points were established in Yining City, and 12,026 people were quarantined.

Before that, China’s “Jergyulhiya Times” reported that the authorities in Uyghur and Tibet divided the quarantine points into 3 levels as “high risk”, “moderate risk” and “low risk”, and implemented “stable management” in high and medium risk points. He had informed that he had left.

According to the “China News” website, at the press conference, 12,026 people were quarantined in 3 levels, and health monitoring, core acid test, personal protection, closed management and body temperature check twice a day were carried out at the quarantine points in Yining City. , said that the “ten kinds of disease symptoms”, strengthen the management, implement security measures of quarantine points.

This is the 2nd time that China has imposed a strict siege on Gulji since the resurgence of the corona virus in the region last year. Human rights organizations say that the Chinese government is fighting the epidemic and claiming that it is protecting its citizens, but the epidemic has become a pretext for China to impose stricter restrictions and surveillance on Uyghurs.

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