My friend’s son’s house plan was ruined by China’s 100-day shock wave – Uighur

According to foreign media witnesses, 29-year-old Rifat Anwar, an employee of Xinhua Bookstore in Urumqi, was abducted in the middle of last month while he was preparing for his wedding. It is said that his arrest was caused by the fact that he had previously studied in Turkey and the 100-day strike wave that continued in Uyghur in the past months. Below is the program prepared by our reporter Shohret Hoshur.

Even today, the 6th anniversary of the big kidnapping in Uyghur Ela, which started in 2017, those who were previously arrested have not been released, and new arrests are still ongoing. Norway’s Uyguryar Foundation recently learned from Urumqi that 29-year-old Rifat Anwar, an employee of Xinhua Bookstore, was kidnapped on the 22nd of last month. It is said that Rifat Anwar was abducted by the police station of Jingnan residential area in Urumqi, where he lives. A police officer from the Urumqi police station who received our call told us that the Xinhua Bookstore on Yan’an Road was looking at the Bakhuliang Police Station, and refused to give information about Rifat Anwar.

We contacted Ms. Sania, a friend of Rifat Anwar’s mother, through her classmates in Turkey. Ms. Sania has been greeting Rifat’s mother on the radio until recently, and during these greetings, she learned that the family is preparing for Rifat’s wedding. But in the middle of last month, he found that Rifat’s mother had not appeared on the radio, so he assumed that the family was unhappy, and through other related channels, he learned that Rifat Anwar had been kidnapped.

Abdur Wali Ayoub, the leader of the Uyguryar Food, said that Rifat’s arrest was caused not only by the fact that he studied in Turkey, but also by the fact that he was 29 and entered the dangerous generation category.

According to Ms. Sania, Rifat Anwar was abducted in China during the “100-day crackdown on black forces” that has been ongoing in China for the past few months. During our investigations last month, a police officer in Hotan revealed that the ongoing crackdown on black forces in China had hit the so-called terrorists and two-faced militants who had fallen out of the net as political shocks.

Ms. Sania said that during the execution of this wave in Urumqi, the suspects who had not been punished before were the main targets and Rifat Anwar was also the victim of this wave. He reminded his friend, Mrs. Gull, that her son had been destroyed by a political hurricane.

The above information, as expected by Uyghur observers abroad, indicates that even though the former official Chen Quango has been transferred from the Uyghur region, his order to “catch everyone who needs to be caught” is still being carried out under the new official and that this execution will not stop soon.

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