New Zealand’s Autero Uyghur Cooperation Organization has criticized the Chinese envoy’s denial of the Uyghur massacre

A local support organization for Uyghurs in New Zealand has accused China’s ambassador to New Zealand of misrepresenting Uyghurs on a New Zealand TV channel on August 21. According to the “Scoop Independent News” website, the New Zealand “Utero Uyghur Cooperation Organization” issued a statement on August 22, responding to the words of Wang Xiaolong, the Chinese ambassador to New Zealand. Sam Vincent, the spokesperson of the New Zealand “Utero Uyghur Cooperation Organization”, said that Ambassador Wang Xiaolong’s August 21 TVNZ “Question and Answer” program “Wang Xiaolong distorted his government’s heinous act of forced labor against the Uyghur people with false information and red propaganda.” .

The statement said: “The large-scale state-sponsored forced labor of China’s minority Uyghurs has been documented by the UN, the International Labor Organization, many academic experts and non-governmental organizations… . Uyghurs are often forced into labor through the form of graduation from brainwashing camps or employment by transferring the rural workforce.

Wang Xiaolong was interviewed on the August 21st “Question and Answers” program, and was asked about the UN special investigator’s recent report on Uyghur forced labor. Ambassador Wang accused the UN Special Inspector General of “failing to fulfill his duties” and “making false accusations without any evidence.” But Sam Vincent said in a statement that “Ambassador Wang is not telling the truth to the people of New Zealand” and that “his government is supporting large-scale forced labor targeting Uighurs.”

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