Nuri Turkel will give a speech at the religious freedom conference to be held in Taiwan on August 30

The US-Taiwan Regional Religious Freedom Dialogue will be held in Taiwan on August 30. According to reports, Taiwanese President Tsai Yingwen, US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Rashad Hossein will attend the conference, and Nuri Turkel, president of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and a senior researcher at Hudson Institute, will speak. According to the information, Nuri Turkel was the main speaker at the opening ceremony of the meeting, and in his speech, he spoke about the genocide that the Uyghurs are facing.

According to the agenda of the first day of the conference, which will start in Taipei on August 30, the speaker of the Taiwan Parliament and the president of the Democracy Foundation, Yu Shikun, will deliver the opening speech. The director of the “American Taiwan Institute”, which is considered to be the diplomatic post of the United States in Taiwan, will also speak at the meeting. Rashad Hussain, ambassador for religious freedom, and Taiwan President Tsai Yingwen are expected to deliver the opening remarks.

In addition, Nuri Turkel will also speak on Wednesday, August 31st about China’s human rights abuses and how technology is being used in the Uyghur genocide, as well as on Tuesday and Thursday with President Tsai Yingwen, Speaker of Taiwan’s Parliament Yu Shikun, Secretary of State Joseph Wu, and the US official in Taiwan. They will meet separately with Ambassador Sandra Odkirk.

Nuri Turkel’s visit to Taiwan and the meeting coincided with the recent visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. The Chinese government used Pelusi’s visit as an excuse to increase armed threats to Taiwan.

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