On August 18, 127 new corona virus infections were detected in Uyghur

The new Tajik virus has spread to 12 provinces, prefectures and cities in Uyghur, and on August 18, 127 new infected people were found. According to the Uygur Autonomous Region Health Department, the total number of infected people in the region has reached 3,100. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the Uygur Autonomous Region, 6 of the infected people found on August 18 are officially diagnosed with symptoms, and the remaining 121 are asymptomatic.

The Chinese government has implemented strict quarantine measures in Yining, Urumqi, and Sanji after the resurgence of the novel coronavirus in the region. According to “China News” network, Urumqi city has announced that starting from August 20, the siege will be extended for another 3 days in Urumqi’s Tirut Tag, Saibag, Shumugu, New City Economic Development Zone, Tudunkhaba, Midong areas. Ma Xingrui, party secretary of the Uyghur Autonomous Region, urged the local authorities to strictly implement Xi Jinping’s order to “zero” the epidemic, and imposed strict restrictions on cities and areas where the virus was found.

But Uyghur organizations say that China’s policy not only increases the security concerns of Uyghurs in camps and prisons, but also makes the life of Uyghurs outside the camps more difficult. It turns out that the vast majority of asymptomatic infected people found on August 18 were found in Yining City. In the news, it was reported that 113 infected people were found in Yining City, and the rest were found in Urumqi, Hamul, Turpan, Korla, Qutubi County of Sanji.

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