On August 28, 37 more infected people were found in Uyghur province

Although the Chinese authorities said that the epidemic of the new type of corona virus in the Uyghur population is decreasing, new infections have not been detected. According to the government authorities of the Uygur Autonomous Region on August 29, 37 new infected people were found in the region until 9:00 pm on August 28. According to the press conference on epidemic control and prevention called by the Uygur Autonomous Region government on August 29, 32 of the newly discovered infected people are asymptomatic and 5 are infected with diagnosed symptoms.

According to “China News” website, 11 of the asymptomatic infected people are in Urumqi, 14 are in Yining City, and the rest are in Sanji City, Qutubi County, Shihu and Jimisar Counties. According to authorities, as of 9:00 p.m. on August 28, the total number of officially diagnosed cases in the region has dropped to 44, and the total number of asymptomatic cases has dropped to 2,243. Although the Chinese authorities have reported that the new type of corona virus is decreasing in the region, they have not yet released the restrictive quarantine measures implemented in some parts of the region, especially in Yining.

In some video reports from the region, it is stated that Uyghurs under quarantine are starving, aid items distributed to Chinese citizens are not distributed to Uyghurs, and quarantine measures have been partially relaxed on Chinese citizens, but Uyghurs continue to be detained under quarantine. It turns out that local authorities in the region have said that it is too early to lift the quarantine measures in Yining.

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