Protests against the “Uyghur Genocide” were held in Japan

Protests against the genocidal policies against Chinese Uighurs are growing in Japanese activities. On August 15, the Japan Uighur Association and the Taiwan Research Forum jointly held two major events in Tokyo to protest the genocidal and expansionist policies of China’s Uyghurs.

On August 15th, the end of World War II, on this day, the Japanese Uyghur community used the opportunity to remember the massacres and the disasters that war brings to humanity, and took measures to expose the genocide and crimes against humanity that the Uyghurs are facing.

On this day, a protest was held in front of the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo. In this protest held together with the Japanese Uyghur Society and the Taiwan Research Forum, the protestors protested the genocide and expansionist policies of the Chinese Uyghurs. Mr. Saut Mamat, member of the management board of the Japan Uighur Association, gave an account of this.

خىتاينىڭ توكيو ئەلچىخانىسى ئالدىدىكى نامايىش. ياپونىيە توكيو، 2022-يىل ئاۋغۇست.
Demonstration in front of the Chinese embassy in Tokyo. Tokyo, Japan, August 2022.
Photo: RFA

In the protest, the leaders of Taiwanese non-governmental organizations expressed their deep regret for the current dire situation of the Uyghurs, and emphasized that they always support the Uyghurs. Mr. Saut Mamet also stopped at this point.

Mr. Halmet Rozahun, the vice president of the Japan Uyghur Association, stated that during the event, some Japanese local members of parliament came to give a special speech and expressed their support for the Uyghurs.

In Japan, the “Uyghur Genocide” campaign that started in February 2021 has been held in more than 100 places in 31 different provinces and cities, and a total of more than 100,000 leaflets have been distributed during the campaign. As a result of these activities, on February 1, 2022, the Japanese Parliament passed the “Resolution on the Serious Human Rights Situation of Uyghurs and Others”.

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