The book “The Trap of China’s Freedom” has been published – Uighur

The book titled “China’s Freedom Trap” by the president of the World Uyghur Congress, Mr. Shav Jesus, is published by Haranand Publishing House in India.

On August 8th, Wang Jesus wrote about this book on his Twitter account: “This book was written based on my own experiences; The purpose is to make people aware of the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party. Although I live in a free world, I continue to suffer injustices; My freedom was taken away, my pride was violated, I was arrested, interrogated.”

Mr. Wang Issa said that in this book, he has been involved in political struggle inside and outside the motherland since the 1980s. Even though he lived in a free and democratic world abroad, Chinese people faced threats and restrictions. The number of times it extended its black hand and the diplomatic struggles between the United States, South Korea, Italy, India, Turkey and other countries and China are described in detail.

Wang Jesus said: “In this book, I tried to show that not only me, but many Uyghurs like me who live in a free world like Europe, China tries to capture, restrict and persecute them, but only if we fight against it, we can achieve results.”

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