The Canadian government strongly denied China’s threats about Taiwan

Recently, after it was reported that some members of the Canadian Parliament will visit Taiwan at the end of 2022, China strongly protested: “If Canada interferes in Taiwan’s affairs, we will use coercive means.”

Adrien Blanchard, the spokesperson of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denied this and said: “China’s pretext for military or economic provocation is completely unacceptable to the planned visit of Canadian parliamentarians.”

In his statement, Adrian Blanchard explained that the Canadian government has been following the “one China” principle, but visiting Taiwan by Canadian parliamentarians and friendly groups is an independent activity, and the Canadian government respects this reality.

This kind of show of majesty by the Chinese government was brought up by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her recent visit to Taiwan. But it was later revealed that it was just a prank. While the news is attracting the attention of various media, on August 25th, a member of the United States Senate, a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce and Armed Services, Mrs. Marsha Blackburn (Marsha Blackburn) came to visit Taipei in a military plane.

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