The Chinese government has announced the 14th Five-Year Cultural Plan, which aims to fully Sinicize

Chinese media reported on the “14th Five-Year Cultural Plan” jointly released by the Central Committee Office of the Communist Party of China and the State Cabinet on August 17.

Chinese media reports emphasized that “under Xi Jinping, the party’s leadership in ideological and cultural work will be strengthened, the great Chinese dream will be realized, and the initiative of Chinese culture will be absorbed into the souls of people of all nationalities and even influence the world.”

China Central Television reported on August 17th about the “14th Five-Year Cultural Plan”: “The goal of the 14th Five-Year Cultural Development Plan is to illuminate Xi Jinping’s socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and to strengthen the Chinese nation’s idea of ​​the country as a family. “Strengthening people-to-people harmony, further strengthening the influence of Chinese culture, and further improving the Chinese socialist cultural system” pointed out the basic goals of the plan.

The above points in China’s cultural plan have attracted the attention of analysts, and Mr. Ilshat Hasan, deputy director of the executive committee of the World Uyghur Congress, one of China’s Uyghur policy analysts in the United States, said that the plan is designed to achieve the Chinese government’s assimilation strategy.

He said that China’s policy under Xi Jinping, as shown in the plan, has begun to create the conditions to realize the dream of becoming an imperialist country. The phrases mentioned in the plan, “to realize the great Chinese dream, to inculcate the initiative of Chinese culture in the spirit of the people of all nationalities and even to influence the world” expressed the goal of Chinese assimilation.

Mr. Ilshat Hasan also stated that the Chinese government’s policy of “genocide” against the Uyghurs aimed to destroy the Uyghur identity centered on the Uyghur language, culture, and religious beliefs, as well as Uyghur history.

Mr. Ilshat Hasan said that the so-called “14th Five-Year Cultural Plan” announced by the Chinese government is actually the peak of cultural genocide. He emphasized that the real purpose of this plan is to completely Chineseize other non-Chinese ethnic groups, such as the Uyghurs, who have maintained their own cultural characteristics, and build a Chinese country based on the “one nation, one country model”.

Mr. Anwar Akhmet, a situation analyst in Germany, also received our interview and expressed his views on the “14th Five-Year Cultural Plan” announced by the Chinese central government. According to Mr. Anwar Akhmet, in fact, the Chinese government has been continuously promoting the “Big Chinese propaganda” for years.

He said, as shown in the Chinese government media, the plan was announced under the instructions of Xi Jinping, and the strategic goal of the plan is to complete the policy of “cultural genocide” in the name of “establishing the consciousness of the Chinese national community” and “culturally nourishing” which the Chinese government is forcing in the Uyghur region. To expand the country and ultimately make it a “one Chinese culture” country.

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