The Chinese government pressured Israel about the Uyghur issue

In a recent investigation by Axios, it was revealed that the Chinese government is officially “putting Israel on notice” over the Uyghur issue.

According to reports, Liu Jianchao, head of the foreign affairs department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, recently warned Israel’s ambassador to Beijing, Irit Ben-Abba (Irit Ben-Abba), “not to break their relationship with Beijing due to pressure from the US government.” He also noted that they are “just like the Jews in Israel who have been victimized by Western imperialism.” “Israel is now at a critical juncture where it will determine its relationship with us,” he said.

According to the report, Liu Jianchao accused the Israeli government of siding with the United States in the United Nations (UN) on the issue of “the massacre of Uyghurs”. He also urged them to “not fall into the trap that America started.” In his speech, he said, “Although the United States has waged war in Afghanistan and Iraq, our government has not fired a single shot in the past 40 years.” But the Israeli ambassador said that “we have our own independent foreign policy” and said that it will not change its current position.

It turns out that the Israeli government had a very close relationship with China under former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and this has changed radically under the new government. Anti-Chinese sentiment in Israel is on the rise, especially as the Chinese government continues to support the anti-Israeli activities of the Palestinian Authority, which is struggling with Israel, one of America’s closest allies, to gain the support of the Islamic world.

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