The epidemic situation in the Uyghur region began to rise rapidly – Uyghur

The Tadziman virus, which is emerging in the Uyghur region, has been increasing rapidly recently, and 226 people with asymptomatic infections have increased by midnight on August 17. Five of the asymptomatic patients became infected. The current epidemic is not limited to a certain area as before, but has spread to the entire Uyghur region.

According to the report of the “China News” network managed by the Chinese government, the total number of asymptomatic infected people in the Uyghur region is close to 3,000. However, due to the reality that the Chinese government has been falsifying the data on the virus epidemic, I would not doubt the accuracy of the current virus epidemic numbers.

Information from various social media shows that the lives of Uyghurs are facing serious difficulties due to strict lockdown measures to deal with the Tajikman virus. In particular, due to the blockade, the rapid rise in the prices of daily life goods, the blockage of supply routes, and the suspension of production and marketing channels have become serious problems at present. But the propaganda tools of the Chinese government are constantly emphasizing the statement about the “smoothness” of the supply of goods during the epidemic, and the fear of various social tragedies caused by the siege measures in the Chinese provinces will also happen in the Uyghur region.

Xinhua news agency reported on August 17 that the Urumqi City Transportation Bureau has formulated a series of regulations to be implemented specifically for people coming to or leaving Urumqi.

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