The latest international collection of Uyghur studies – “Social groups still matter”

In recent years, with the internationalization of the Uyghur issue, international academic research on Uyghur studies has been increasingly revived. In July of this year, “Community Still Matters: Uyghur Culture and Society in Central Asian Context” was published in English by NIAS Publications (NIAS), a well-known publication that publishes academic works in Europe. The book is based on that sentence.

This book is dedicated to Ildiko Beller-Hann, distinguished professor of Central Asian and Uyghur studies at the University of Copenhagen, in celebration of her prolific research on Uyghur history and culture. Therefore, the name of this book is taken from the title of Ildiko Beller-Khan’s important work in Uyghur studies called “Community Matters”.

The book was compiled and co-edited by Dr. Aysima Mirsultan, a staff member of the Berlin State Library, Eric Schlussel, an assistant professor at George Washington University, and Dr. Eset Solomon, an independent researcher in Washington.

This academic collection includes about 20 researchers of Uyghur history, culture and language, such as Ryan Sam, David Brophy, Rachel Harris, Fredrick Folman, Ablat Kamaloff, Joshua Freeman, Jun Sugawara, and Joanne Smith-Finley, who are internationally known young and middle-aged researchers in Uyghur studies. The latest research on writing is included.

The articles in this academic collection are devoted to a wide range of topics, including recent and contemporary Uyghur history, social culture, historical figures and heroines, manuscripts, folklore and customs, and 20th century Uyghur literature. According to the opinions of academics, this academic collection can be said to be a compilation of the latest academic articles published in the international field of Uyghur studies.

We interviewed the book’s authors, Ms. Aisima Mirsultan and Mr. Eric Schlussel, to learn more about this scholarly collection.

You can listen to the details of our conversation at the link above.

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