The results of the “hundred-day operation” of the Chinese police in the Uighur region have been announced

According to a report on August 26 by the Chinese government-run “China News Network”, the results of the recent “hundred-day operation” were announced at a press conference of the Uygur Autonomous Region’s public security supervision.

According to the report, the main goal of this “hundred-day operation” which lasted until the end of August this year was to maintain the stability of social order. During this process, more than four million police forces were deployed throughout the Uyghur region. The number of mobilized people has exceeded four million people. In the process, more than 20,000 criminal suspects were arrested, and more than 40 million som worth of illegal goods were brought back.

Although the Chinese media stressed that some criminal cases were exposed in the police crackdown, they specifically mentioned that high-tech media and “the people’s cooperation” played a big role in the crackdown. At the same time, the incidence of criminal cases has dropped by 20 percent from last year.

Dr. Adrian Zenz, one of the experts who researched the Chinese government’s budget for the police force in the Uyghur region, said that in 2018 alone, security spending in the Uyghur region increased by 92 percent to reach 58 billion soms (nearly nine billion US dollars). When he was interviewed by our radio station, he said, “The Chinese government has been carrying out massive abductions in the name of “crackdown” or “fighting extremism.”

It is currently being promoted that this “hundred-day movement” is a part of that type of kidnapping.

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