The Uyghur massacre was highlighted at the US-Taiwan Religious Freedom Forum

The 2022 Religious Freedom Forum, co-hosted by the United States and Taiwan, was convened in Taipei on August 30. Nuri Turkel, president of the American Commission on International Religious Freedom, emphasized the Uyghur massacre and a number of related issues.

Ornuri Turkel, who was invited to give an opening speech at the forum, reminded that the Uyghurs who were promised “autonomy rights” by the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government are currently being massacred, as well as the repression in Hong Kong, which was given “higher autonomy”, and that if the Chinese government occupies Taiwan, the Uyghurs will face “again” here too. It is especially emphasized that this kind of evil in the name of “education” will be introduced. He also pointed out that family separation and forced labor in the Uyghur region are a repeat of the “Jewish massacre” at that time, and tragedies will reappear if we do not learn from history.

In his speech, he continued: “The Chinese government’s open massacre of Uyghurs and crimes against humanity inform Taiwan that it is time for you to study the Uyghur massacre. If you fail to protect Taiwan, the fate of the Uyghurs will befall you. Saying, “Don’t roll up, fall into my mouth” will not save you from this fate.

US ambassador for international religious freedom Rashad Hussain (Rashad Hussain) participated in the meeting online and praised Taiwan’s efforts to protect freedom of religious belief. He also strongly condemned the Chinese government’s use of religious beliefs as an important excuse for persecuting non-Chinese ethnic groups.

Taiwanese President Tsai Yingwen delivered a congratulatory speech at the meeting, stressing that freedom of religious belief is one of the most common human rights. In his speech, he said, “Taiwan will always do its best to protect freedom of religious belief.”

It turns out that the visit of Nuri Turkol, the president of the American Commission on International Religious Freedom, is another high-level statement made after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Marsha Blackburn were on an official working visit to Taiwan despite China’s harsh display. A US government official’s official visit to Taiwan.

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