“The Uyghur problem is a humanitarian problem and a problem related to the future of humanity” – Uyghur

The director of Istanbul Paper Office Mehmet Akif Ersoy Library, who received our interview, said that the Uyghur problem is not only a problem of Uyghurs, but a problem of the whole humanity. We want to let the public know that this is an important issue. As the late leader Isa Yusuf Aliptekin said, “Eastern Turkistan is not only the East Turkistan people, but the entire Turkish nation, as well as the Turkish nation, Islam is also a human race.” “It is our humanitarian duty to raise the voices of our oppressed brothers and sisters.”

Mr. Hilmi Iryan said these words at a cultural exhibition on the theme “Massacre is happening in East Turkistan” held on Friday, August 19, in the library hall with the cooperation of Istanbul Paper Mehmet Akif Ersoy Library and East Turkistan New Generation Movement Organization.

كۆرگەزمىگە قويۇلغان بۇيۇملار -1

In addition to Uyghur cultural items, men’s and women’s chimneys and almond hats, Kanwai shirts, musical instruments, etc., Uyghur handicrafts such as needlework and knife making were also displayed, as well as various pictures reflecting the oppression of Uyghurs by China. .

The director of the library, Mr. Hilmi Eyran, who organized the Uyghur culture exhibition at the Istanbul Paper Mehmet Akif Ersoy Library, received our interview and spoke about the Uyghur culture exhibition and said: “The purpose of the opening of this exhibition is to inform the people around us of the genocide and extreme oppression that is still being practiced in East Turkistan, 2017 Since 2010, our Uyghur brothers from East Turkistan have not been able to communicate with their families, children, and relatives in their homeland, even by phone. As the problems of Palestine and Bosnia are being put on the agenda, the oppression and genocide of our brothers in East Turkistan is also being put on the agenda. That’s why we created this event.

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We had an interview with Professor Solomon Dogan, a teacher at Star Tekhkinka University, who visited this cultural exhibition.

Prof. Dr. Suleiman Dogan expressed his views on Uyghur culture and the Uyghur problem: “Today, a brutal massacre is being carried out in East Turkistan. The Chinese regime is carrying out assimilation policies and massacres against our blood brothers in East Turkistan. They are killing people in East Turkistan under various pretexts. Rights are being violated, so I think that activities like this kind of cultural exhibition will play a motivating role in bringing the problem to the agenda in terms of broadcasting the events happening in East Turkistan and creating public opinion. The issue of East Turkistan is the only issue that is not getting support in the world. Of course, Turkey supports it. Only when the whole world takes action against China, which appears to be strong, can the issue of East Turkistan be achieved.”

He added: “The human rights abuses and massacres happening in East Turkistan should be on the agenda of the world community. Therefore, by organizing many such exhibitions and events, it is necessary to create awareness and understanding among the people about the problems of Uyghurs and East Turkistan. It is very important to organize such events. I think it’s meaningful.”

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We also interviewed Dorant Abdusalam Teklimakan, the president of the East Turkistan New Generation Movement Organization, who cooperated in organizing the exhibition, to get his opinions on this matter.

Abdursalam Teklimakan, who received our interview, said that he opened this cultural exhibition in order to introduce Uyghur culture and current issues of Uyghurs to Turks.

It is reported that this cultural exhibition will be opened for one week from August 19 to 26 in the Istanbul Paper Mehmet Akif Ersoy Library.

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