“There are about 10 people over 70 years old in my prison team” – Uighur

Recently, one of the people familiar with the situation of Sanji prison sent a message to our radio station, saying that the 79-year-old Halchem ​​Pazil, a 79-year-old grandmother who is serving a sentence in the 4th ward of the prison, has become dangerously ill, and has not been released to her family. During our reporter’s telephone interviews with the prison, one of the relevant officers revealed that there are at least a dozen prisoners over 70 years old in the prison team he is in charge of, although he did not give details about the elderly prisoner.

According to a person familiar with the situation who did not want to be named, 79-year-old grandmother Halcham Pazil, who is serving a sentence in the 4th ward of Sanji prison, has been seriously ill for the past 2 months. The grandmother, who is currently confined to a wheelchair, requested to go home for treatment, but the prison authorities refused this request. We first called the judicial authorities in Corley to ascertain the current status of the grandmother. Because this grandmother’s hometown is Korla, she was transferred from Korla to Sanji Jail.

After the Corley officials refused to comment on the grandmother, we asked her daughter-in-law in Turkey, Mrs. Kifaya, about her mother-in-law’s recent condition.

Ms. Kifaya said that due to communication restrictions, she could not get any information about her mother-in-law’s recent condition. Ms. Kifaya also said that her mother-in-law fell and injured her wrist during the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in 2016. When she returned from Hajj, she returned to her home town of Kori. In addition to the above, Ms. Kifaya noted that her mother-in-law’s health may be deteriorating due to her age, and she is not in a position to endure the conditions of the prison, and expressed her concern.

A staff member of the Sanji prison who answered our call noted that Halchem ​​Pazil is in the 4th squad and said that we can only get information about his health from the officer in charge of the squad.

The operator who answered the call at the number provided initially declined to answer the matter, saying he was busy. When we asked him about the age group of adults, he stated that there is no age division in this prison. When we asked him about Halchem ​​Pazil’s health condition, he said that there are many elderly people in the prison, so he did not have any information.

After our earlier questions, he insisted that the team he was in charge of had at least 10 people over the age of 70.

According to information on prisons on the Chinese website 55.wendadaohang.com, Chinese prisons usually have about 500 prisoners per prison unit and about 150 per prison sub-unit. Compared with the information from the Sanji prison officer, the number of people over 70 years old in Sanji prison may also account for a certain proportion.

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